WWII Vet Ordered to Leave Fast Food Restaurant!

WWII Vet Carl Becker and his wife, Barbara, were ORDERED to leave the McDonald’s in Culpeper Virginia because their  30  minutes  of patronage was up and they needed to clean the floors and the table that where the were sitting. For years and for three to four times a week this McDonald’s was there afternoon get-away, where they would get some coffee and a dollar sandwich. He is 87 years old and his wife is 81 years old and they are loving grandparents. While they were still eating, Barbara Becker said,  the manager approached them and told them “You need to leave, because your half hour is up and we need to clean this floor”.

The restaurant was nearly empty, according to the Beckers, and the man behind them laughed at the whole situation. Carl  Becker wrote a letter to an editor of a local paper about this incident and after all those years of business he gave this McDonald’s, they will NOT be going there any more! The Beckers say they still love the food from there and they will still eat at McDonald’s, just not this one, EVER!!! Eating at this place has become a part of their lives and they say they have never been treated like this before in their lives.

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It would be one thing if the restaurant was busy and needed the table, I, even, do not agree with that, but could understand a little better if that  were the case, but the place was nearly empty and all they said they needed to do was clean the floor. Now, most of Culpeper VA., a not so big town, not so far from Washington D.C. is not so happy with this establishment and many say they will be losing a lot of business in the future.

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What do you think? Would you still go there? Share this story to your friends and family, and as always, your comments are welcome below.


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