There Isn’t An Executive Order on Amnesty

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A few facts about the current immigration discussion going on:

There is no Executive Order for amnesty for illegal aliens.

Check the White House website for Executive Orders.   There is no executive order about immigration.

What is going on is far worse.  FAR worse.

Many of news reports have used the term “Executive Order” and “Executive Action” interchangeably, and incorrectly.

Whenever I hear the term Executive Action I think of a movie and a guy with a bolt action rifle, but I digress.

pResident Obama has NOT issued an Executive Order amnestying illegal aliens.

The timeline:

  1. November 20th Secretary of DHS Jeh Johnson issued eleven memorandums about immigration, immigration enforcement, DACA, etc.
  2. November 21st pResident Obama traveled to Las Vegas, gave a speech and signed two Presidential Memorandums, not Executive Orders.

Now that that is cleared up, here is what is happening, and it is worse than an “Executive Order on Amnesty.”

The Memorandums by Jeh Johnson can be found here:

There are ten of them:

1. Strengthen Border Security

2. Revise Removal Priorities

3. End Secure Communities and Replace it with New Priority Enforcement Program

4. Personnel Reform for ICE Officers

5. Expand Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program

6. Expand Provisional Waivers to Spouses and Children of Lawful Permanent Residents

7. Revise Parole Rules-Entrepreneurs

8. Revise Parole Rules-Parole in Place and Deferred Action

9. Revise Parole Rules-Advance Parole

10. Promote the Naturalization Process

11. Support High-skilled Business and Workers (same memorandum as #7)

All the documents use weasel words to prevent law enforcement from doing their job but  it is #10, Promote the Naturalization Process that I believe we need to pay closest attention to from the political point of view.  Promoting citizenship to 8 million legal immigrants while cutting the cost of applying for citizenship, granting waivers and giving a 50% discount on the application fee, is about one thing…creating millions of low income (Democrat) voters before the 2016 election.

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The future of promoting naturalization can be read in Chapter 4 Injustice for All in attorney David Schippers’ 2001 book “Sellout: The Inside Story of President Clinton’s Impeachment”.   Schippers refers to “Chicago Politics” and Bill Clinton’s 1996 plan to make new voters out of newly naturalized citizens. It is a look into the future as there is sure to be massive fraud, especially with the numbers being talked about in memorandum #10.

Generally, the breadth of these memorandums and the bureaucracy involved in their implementation make corruption and fraud and all other kinds of law breaking a certainty, and a threat to the integrity of the 2016 Presidential election, not to mention the culture and the country.

In Las Vegas on November 21st pResident Obama signed two Executive Memorandums:


Section 1. White House Task Force on New Americans. (a) There is established a White House Task Force on New Americans (Task Force) to develop a coordinated Federal strategy to better integrate new Americans into communities and support State and local efforts to do the same. It shall be co-chaired by the Director of the Domestic Policy Council…

And the Director of the Domestic Policy Council is none other than the former Senior Vice President of La RazaCecilia Munoz.

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The threats in these memorandums are:

  1. Increasing the number of legal immigrants by millions more a year.
  2. Prodding all legal immigrants (the 8 million already here and those encouraged to come) to become citizens (aka voters and welfare recipients).
  3. Creating and/or growing bureaucracies that will add $ billions more to the national debt ($18,000,000,000,000  and counting.)

That is what is going on right now.  It is far worse than an amnesty for illegal aliens which would probably result in 50 – 60 million applicants.  30-35 million illegals are already here.

And, nothing is being done to stop them at the border or dissuade them from coming.  The opposite is true.  Every media mention by anybody in government about an “amnesty” is an encouragement for somebody in some 3rd world hellhole to get moving to America before the amnesty window closes.

This is what is going on, right now.  These actions are worse for the country than a simple amnesty of illegal aliens.  It will forever change our country and our culture in ways that will make the America we have known, non-existent.

This is what the Republicans in Congress need to focus on, right now.

Let ’em know, if you would be so kind.