What’s The U.S. Government Up To In The Desert? Mysterious Facility Discovered On Google Maps


The United States government hasn’t been very forthcoming with the citizens so any suspicious and previously unknown facility is naturally going to draw a little attention. One like this, that is oddly shaped and the purpose for which isn’t easy to ascertain is probably going to get more.

The El Paso area is on the front line of the war on drugs, illegal immigration and possibly terrorism. That also makes it critical to the American invasion by Mexicans and others that the U.S. government is orchestrating.

The discovery was recently reported by El Paso 411. There’s any number of possible explanations for this facility, which appears to not yet be fully completed or perhaps with portions underground. Although in the general area of Fort Bliss, this is definitely does not look like your typical military barracks.

Google Maps just updated their satellite view of the El Paso region, and an unknown area has popped up for the first time.It’s located in New Mexico, about 14 miles from the El Paso city limits. The land appears to be half oval shaped with several buildings, a lookout tower, helipad, cars, and even a couple of lakes. At first glance, the area appears to be an extension of McGregor Range of Fort Bliss, however government records show otherwise.What do you think it is? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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What do you think this is?

via Mysterious Land Pops Up Near El Paso on Google Maps | El Paso 411.

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