What’s Behind This Massive Basement Door? -Prepare Yourself…

There is a really good reason why this nondescript country cabin is on the market for the asking price of $1.75 million…

Above the ground, the home is a luxury cabin.

But below is an underground fortress that could withstand just about anything.

This amazing home was built in the Adirondack Mountains.

It’s location is secluded, far from neighbors or potential threats.

If you buy this home, it comes with it’s own private runway.

The home is beautiful and at first look, it appears to be a simple mountain cabin, but once inside, you find that it’s much, much more, including many luxurious amenities..

But wait, when you go in to the basement…

There is a secret door that leads into an underground basement “house” bunker


There is an entire underground home UNDER the cabin.

It is a re-purposed cold war-era missile silo.


The  subterranean home is just as modern and beautiful as the innocent looking cabin.


There is even a spiral staircase that leads further down giving you access to the silo itself.



The silo descends beneath the ground 9 stories and has enough room for multiple families to hunker down comfortably.


If, or when the you-know-what hits the fan, whoever buys this home will be safe, warm and cozy.


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