[Watch] Obama Orders EBT SNAP Payments To End Immediately, No November Benefits, Expect Riots


The Federal Government is threatening to cut food off to the millions of Americans who are dependent upon the EBT system for their survival. States across the nation are being advised by the Feds to stop the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program payments as of November first, pending further notice. This move is supposedly in response to the “government shutdown” but it certainly seems to be an escalation in the Hussein Obama policy of forcing his will by creating difficulties for the American people.

Fox 13 in Utah reports on a letter that was received by The Crossroads Center in Salt Lake City, Utah

Will this be the premise upon which martial law implementation is “justified?” We can’t know but it certainly deserves some consideration. A lack of food will cause a starving population to do just about anything. The American population could be easily controlled.


This is what can happen when you get a large dependent population waiting on government handouts. They will eventually comply to any demands.

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