Watch As Islamic Cleric Says: “We want to invade America and the Christians will die”


Still have any doubts regarding these barbaric throw-backs to the Dark Ages ? Once Muslims get a foothold any where and have sufficient numbers to do so, THAT’S when “Jihad” begins. They will never stop….they will never quit…and it doesn’t matter how many of them are killed, once Jihad begins, there is only victory, or death. At least the Islamic “scholar” in the video is being honest, he says flat-out what Muslims want and WILL do, if they can conquer America. Sharia, is the most barbaric form of “law” on the planet today. Not only does it allow the killing of the “non-believers”, it allows rape and every other form of violent and deviant behavior known to modern mankind.

It isn’t “Islamophobia” if they really are trying to KILL YOU and want to RAPE your wives and children !


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