After Trump’s Speech Last Night,”The View” Hosts Made Shocking Statement About Seal’s Widow

The ladies of “The View” criticized President Trump’s Tuesday tribute to Carryn Owens as exploitive and inappropriate on ABC Wednesday morning.

“You know, that mission could have not have happened without presidential approval which is why Obama never gave the go-ahead because he felt it wasn’t good enough for us to send our people in,” Whoopi Goldberg said in reference to the Yemen raid that resulted in Special Chief William “Ryan” Owens’ death. “Was this a tribute or was this damage control?”

The View

“As all of you know my brother that I grew up with, my cousin, was injured in the Army,” added Sunny Hostin. “He lost his hand, he lost his face serving our country. So many of my family members are in the military.”

“I thought that was so exploitive. I thought he exploited that widow. It was so hurtful to me because we know that U.S. military officials have said to the press that Obama didn’t give the green light because he felt that the mission would mark a significant escalation in Yemen.”

“My God, how do you exploit the woman who’s grieving over the loss of her husband, the father of her children, when you sent him there without the appropriate ground support?” Hostin asked, drawing applause from the crowd. “That was wrong.”

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