{Video} Al Sharpton Blames Ronald Reagan for Crack Pervading the Black Community

ronald_reagan_charity_posters-rb50c859003ab40c0854def3d1001e331_vhbx_8byvr_512 Just when you think you’ve heard it all from the likes of Al Sharpton and his co-horts, you hear this! A caller into the Al Sharpton show, during the celebration of the 100′th birthday of the man, the legend, and perhaps the greatest American to ever live, President Ronald Wilson Reagan, calls in and claims that President Reagan introduced crack into the black communities of America.

And the “reverend’s” reply? At first, he starts to shun the idea off as a conspiracy theory but then goes on to state that it was not Reagan, but Reagan’s policies that allowed crack to pervade the black community.

One question: What about crack heads deciding to use crack? Has anyone thought of that?
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