Sacramento California, an unbelievable kid playing in the street, roller skating and  having fun. however, this teenager, Ben Underwood, is blind. It does not stop him AT ALL. He can do things better than most teenagers that can see. When he was just two [2] years old he was diagnosed with cancer and lost his sight. Both eyes were surgically removed and his mother told him not to worry because he has his nose, ears, mouth and his hands and he can learn to use them instead of his eyes.

Ben did just that, he learned, and MASTERED, Echolocation, also known as Bio  Sonar. This is what the dolphins use to to hunt food and navigate the deep waters around them. When I say he mastered it, I mean just that, he has mastered it. This kid can roller skate, play video games, play Foosball and have pillow fights with his siblings.

Ben Underwood

Ben Underwood is truly amazing, and could inspire many other  kids that there is nothing that one cannot achieve, no matter what you think your disability is. His mother deserves a whole lot of praise for this teen being able to do what he does. She has taught him since he was 2 years old that just because he is blind does not mean that he cannot do the things that kids want to do. Just because he has no eyes does not mean that he cannot have a pillow fight with his siblings. Just because he has no eyes does not mean that he cannot play video games. Just because, being blind, is not an excuse or a reason!!!

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Ben Underwood 2

I think that this kid is truly amazing and I feel we could all learn from him, we all take our eyes for granted and never have I thought what it would really be like to not be able to see. Ben Underwood runs around the house and up the stairs just like I did when I was young, with eyes. He plays video games and can distinguish the voices of the players, and with all the chaos of sounds coming from the television, he actually wins….. A LOT!!!

Ben Underwood 5

Watch the news video below and you will see what I mean. You will be as  AMAZED as I am with the things the he can do. I welcome any comments from my stories and you are encouraged to share my stories and your opinions and ideas with me.


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