Twitter Shares CRASH! Will #TwitterFail?

Twitter Stock Tanks

It’s a #EMERGENCY as Twitter Stock plunges!

I can remember when everyone was freaking out, social media companies began to take their companies public. The people were on fire buying every share they could and the experts expected it to cause the stock market to crash. With Twitter’s latest batch of numbers the public may be wishing they left the stock for someone else.

Thursday saw the release of Twitter’s 4th quarter earnings report, and it wasn’t good. Earnings of 16 cents per share are not the kind of numbers that keep investors interested in a company.

Twitter Stock swirls the drain

For investors its an alarming trend for Twitter. Back in 2016 the company posted an average profit of 12 cents per share on revenue of $479 million. This years 16 cents on $717 million seems like a slap to the companies shareholders who were looking for big gains from the company.

Even the analysts’ expected more, anticipating a revenue around $740.1 million. As todays report showed even though users of the site are up, advertisers are considering other option for their money.

Are MILO and Trump to blame for Twitter’s Plunge?

One question being raised, are President Trump’s Twitter tirades making advertisers question spending? There is no real answer to that. One could assume that some advertisers may be cautious to spend their dollars on a site where the President they despise is so active. Others may think they would find a boost from it.

Twitter Stock Tanks

Regardless of who is to blame some like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will remain optimistic. The public on the other hand are dumping their shares of the social media giant at a record pace. This begs another question, was Breitbart Senior editor MILO correct when he predicted Twitter’s crash after his suspension from the sight in 2016?

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Anyway you look at it Twitter seems to be a sinking ship for advertisers and shareholders alike. User numbers may be up but without advertiser dollars to run the sight there is no profit for shareholders. Simply put Twitter is a business and being such needs money to operate. If advertisers are avoiding the platform regardless of user numbers Twitter’s future could be anyone’s guess.

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