Trump’s Executive Actions Today Will Upset Many and Here are 2 Specific Reasons Why…

President Trump will be launching executive actions on immigration today (Wed), starting with steps to build the wall and/or fence along the U.S.-Mexico border.

He’s also expected to come down hard on sanctuary cities and is looking over proposals that would restrict the flow of refugees to the United States.

Mr Trump is expected to sign the first actions — including the measure to jump start construction of the wall — today during a trip to the Department of Homeland Security. Additional actions will be rolled out over the next few days, according to one official.

Trump is said to still be looking at the details of plans to restrict refugees coming to the U.S. The current proposal includes at least a four-month halt on all refugee admissions, as well as temporary ban on people coming from some Muslim majority countries, according to reporters.

According to the person familiar with the plans, Trump’s executive order will require DHS to publicly detail what aid is currently directed to Mexico, an indication of an eventual move toward redirecting some of that money to fund the wall’s construction — and giving cover for a longstanding campaign promise to have Mexico pay for the structure.

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