Trump Supporters Outraged By This Inauguration Attendee

Trump Inauguration

In the days following the election, we have heard one celebrity after another brag about how they would not perform or attend the festivities associated with the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. But what has not been printed by any of the media sources is that none of these liberal big shots has been asked to perform at the event. There is one exception to that statement however.

It has always been a symbol of the continuity of our government for the living former Presidents to attend the inauguration ceremonies. But there have been numerous stories in the liberal media saying that none of the living former presidents will show up for Mr. Trump’s swearing in on January 20th. But now, as the day dwindle down and the date quickly approaches, that is changing.

We have learned that Presidents Carter, and G. W. Bush, will both be attending. Unfortunately, President George H. W. Bush has declined the invitation due to ill-health. But today, it was announced that none other than former President Bill Clinton would also attend the event. And if that is not enough to start your engine running, he will be accompanied by his loving wife and opponent of Mr. trump during the election, Hillary Clinton.

This is a truly amazing development, especially since Hillary Clinton has been trying to stay far from the public spotlight in recent days. Already the liberal media is playing up the angle that Donald Trump must be hysterical after hearing that his former rival will be sitting in the audience just a few rows away while he’s sworn in on Inauguration Day. But in fact, I am sure Mr. Trump could care less where she is. After all, he beat her on election day, he beat her in the recount and he beat her in the electoral college. But you know that having to sit there and watch Donald Trump being sworn into the office that everyone knew she was supposed to have has got to be like taking a bullet in the gut for her.

Since the election, Hillary has been hiding like a whipped dog following the election night loss that some insiders say left her in a deep and violent depression. She has on occasion, been forced to crawl out from her cave and venture among we mortals. Now it looks like Inauguration Day is one of those times, and the rumor is that she isn’t very happy about it.

But according to U.S. Government customs, all living ex-presidents receive invitations to the festivities for the special day, regardless of political affiliation. Because Hillary’s husband was a president, that means that she will also get one. Many of the invited guests have already responded as to their intentions to either attend or abstain from the event. Now we have been told that Hillary has in fact made her intentions to attend known.

At least that is the word from the New York Post, Hillary “will attend the presidential inaugural ceremony later this month with her husband, ex-President Bill Clinton” – but it gets even better. Here is where it really gets good. Since all U.S. Presidents are held in such high regard, both Bill and Hillary will likely be seated pretty close to the front. In short, this means Hillary will have a near-front row seat to see her former opponent sworn in as President of the United States.

The whole event is basically a show to the world that no matter how divided we are at the polls, once the people have spoken, it is time for even former leaders to bow and kiss the ring of the new leader, a peaceful revolution. Talk about salt in the wound. And the best part of all is that she’s basically obligated to attend. Perhaps she and Bill can be seated next to the Obama’s and Hillary can cry on Michelle’s shoulder.

Talk about Karma, all Hillary will be able to do is sit there and smile while Mr. Trump speaks about political corruption in government, the way Democrats have sold American and Americans out to foreign governments and attempted to destroy the country by importing millions of illegals over the last 25 years. Since Mr. Trump will be surrounded by so many enemies, perhaps he should include a line borrowed from a famous leader in history, Julius Caesar, “ET Tu Brutus?”

I just hope security makes sure Hillary doesn’t have any sharp objects on her that day.

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