Feminist Sees Donald Trump In Wax Museum, Then Does Something INCREDIBLE!


Feminist Sees Donald Trump In Wax Museum, Then Does Something INCREDIBLE!

What is it with feminists taking off their shirts as a form of protest?  This time the boob bomb happened in Madrid, as in Spain, at the Museo de Cera de Madrid, a wax museum, at the unveiling of a statue of American President-Elect Donald Trump.  The strumpet, uh, feminist reportedly with the group Femen crashed the ceremony with “Grab the patriarchy by the balls” painted on her back, and proceeded to do just that to the statue.

This, apparently, was a retaliation of sorts as the world’s feminists have drunk the mainstream media kool-aid in regards to Donald Trump being a misogynist after the leaked tape of him engaging in locker room talk with an Access Hollywood reporter among other reasons.  Grab ’em by the [crotch], grab ’em by the [cojones].

The topless incident was recorded and disseminated by the Spanish website Eslang.

Some things the world just doesn’t need to see. The woman was eventually led away – by men – leaving the world with an image that just cannot be unseen.  (Really, girls, the rest of the world does not want to see the girls.)

What is Femen the group that is claiming responsibility for this?

Femen has been active in its opposition to Trump. Back in November, a Femen USA member carried out a topless protest at a polling station in Manhattan, New York, where Donald Trump was expected to cast his vote.

Interesting, isn’t it though, that all the women who claim to have been sexually harassed or assaulted by Donald Trump, the leading cause of the meme that he is a misogynist, appear in public with Gloria Allred and do not have half the looks that any of the man’s wives have?  Ladies, it’s time to face a few facts about The Donald.  One of them is that with his cash, he doesn’t need to drag a one hundred dollar bill through a trailer park to attract women.  The other is that after the initial press conference, his accusers tend to disappear.

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