SHOTS FIRED! Trump Just Issued a Threat to North Korea that Has them Shaking in Their Boots!

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SHOTS FIRED! Trump Just Issued a Threat to North Korea that Has them Shaking in Their Boots!


Early Sunday morning, North Korea launched yet another provocation in the form of another missile launch. Sources said that the North fired a ballistic missile in what would be its first such test since the Trump administration took over and an implicit challenge to President Donald Trump. Mr. Trump, who is on record as saying that any such tests are totally unacceptable, stood shoulder to shoulder with the Japanese leader as Shinzo Abe called the move “absolutely intolerable.”

But President Trump did not make any statement at the time, instead he left the remarks to Prime Minister Abe as he assured his people that actions would be taken on the matter. It was not until a couple of hours later that Mr. Trump took to twitter to launch his own attack on the crazy North Korean leader.

Mr. Trump tried to make it clear to the North that there was a new sheriff in town and that henceforth, we would not be putting up with North Korea’s childish games. Already Mr. Trump has signed off on plans to install new anti-missile systems in both South Korea and Japan. According to sources inside the military, plans are being developed to authorize our military to shoot down any North Korean missiles that crosses over the air space of any U.S. Ally. Trump also reiterated that in the event of a nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula, the US would stand behind Japan.

At the news conference held at the president’s south Florida estate, following Abe’s condemnation of the launch, Mr. Trump had even fewer words, saying in part: “I just want everybody to understand and fully know that the United States of America stands behind Japan, its great ally, 100 percent.” Abe then read a brief statement in which he called on the North to comply fully with relevant U.N. Security Council resolutions.

Sources said the missile splashed down into the sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan. Yoshihide Sugam, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary, told reporters the missile did not hit Japanese territorial seas. Analysts are divided over how close the North is to having a reliable long-range rocket that could be coupled with a nuclear warhead capable of striking U.S. Targets.

South Korea’s Acting President and Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn said that his country will punish North Korea for the missile launch. According to the Foreign Ministry, South Korea will continue to work with allies including the United States, Japan and the European Union to ensure a thorough implementation of sanctions against the North and make the country realize that it will “never be able to survive” without discarding all of its nuclear and missile programs.


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