Trump Eager To Hit That Big Red Button! Will it Change Life Forever?

The year 2017 promises to be a very busy one, not just for President Trump, but also for all the snowflakes that are running around looking for a handout and a safe place to hide. In addition, it promises to be real interesting for tens of millions of real Americans that get up everyday, trudge off to work and do the things that need to be done to keep the country moving. You know, things like keeping the lights burning, our homes warm, fuel in our cars, food on our store shelves and yes even keep us safe from the rest of the big bad world. For the last eight years, those simple actions have been undermined by the Socialist Left wing of our country and there was no one on the Right that seemed to have the guts to just stand up and say “NO” to them.

Even when the Socialists were pushing through Obamacare under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid,  A true champion of the Right could not be found. Even when millions of Americans crashed the Washington D.C. phone system and collapsed communication with our elected representatives, by the shear weight of the number of calls to our Senators and Representatives demanding that they vote the bill down, “We The People” were ignored. Finally, we put our faith in the Constitution and the keepers of the word of law to save us from this government attack on our Constitutional freedoms only to see the Supreme Court not only support the right of Government to tell you what you must purchase, but even redefine the law to support their position.

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In the last eight years we have seen relations between ourselves and many of our decades old allies crash to new lows while support for countries that support a religious belief that we must be converted to their way or be killed increases almost daily. We have seen respect and yes even fear for what we might do if they step out of line dwindle to the point where the leader of a third world country that used to be one of America’s biggest allies feels he can not only turn his back on us, but can insult the office of the President of the United States with impunity. Of course I am talking about the leader of the  Philippines, a country that we have given their freedom, not just once, but three times in the last 150 years.

We have also had to sit by and watch as the God of the Left, Obama, insulted other allies like England, France, Poland, Germany and Italy by bugging the phones of their leaders, returning items from the oval office that had been given to the American people years ago, refusing to support them in times of need and failing to live up to promised deployment of self-defense systems. But this is a new year and a new world and we finally have what we believe is an American that will book no quarter, or support anti-American actions on the part of any world government. A man that will not tell them how to live, or where to live, but will only tell them that if they want to live, in peace, they best rethink their policies toward the United States.

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With the election of Mr. Trump, the days of kissing the butts of Islamic leaders and militant groups are over. No longer will we “bow and scrape”, as Obama did, to the leaders of third world countries, or beg for their help to fix problems that many of them support and even finance, many with our dollars. The time has come, and America now has a new leader in Donald Trump, that is prepared to push that big red “Reset” button  and will treat other nations the way they treat us. Nations around the world have the choice of treating us as a true friend and working with us for the peace and safety of the people of the world, or they can work against us and suffer from being left on the outside looking in. This year the world becomes a new place where leaders can work with each other one a level playing field, or they can pick-up the scraps from the sideline.

Nationalism is a great thing, when everyone obeys the rules, There is nothing wrong with being proud of your country and it’s achievements after all that is who we are. Ronald Reagan proved in the 1980’s that war was not necessary to defeat and enemy. it is just as effective to defeat them economically and no one has to die in the process. Now that baton has been passed to Donald Trump and he is a man like Reagan that knows how to use it.  We are not globalist, we do not live in Africa, Asia, or even Europe, we are Americans, and most of us at least, are damned proud of it and at last we have a leader that feels the same way. God Bless American and her Forty-Fifth President. Donald Trump. And may God have mercy on the rest of the world if they oppose us.


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