Travel Ban: Marine asks Iraqi Muslims this one question – Their answer will blow your mind!…

Anyone Opposed To President Trump’s Travel Ban… Listen To What This Marine Says!

When the President speaks the world listens. When a Marine asks a question you better have the right answer and maybe you should listen.

President Trump’s travel ban is a controversial issue right now. It has everyone from the liberal media to the snowflakes in Hollywood up in arms and spitting fire. But for once maybe everyone should be quiet and listen. One question, that’s all it takes. One question from a United States Marine and an answer that should silence all of the critics.

Iraqi Respose To Travel Ban

One Marie dared to ask a question of the Iraqi’s he was working with. Just a single observation with a stunning response from the people our military are trying to protect. Steven Gern a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and Texan working in Iraq asked the question. It was simple, the Iraqi’s were mad about the proposed travel ban that includes their country. But when the big man speaks you listen.

Marine asks, “WOULD I BE WELCOME?”

Gern’s question was simple if an American goes out in Iraq would that person be welcome? Their answer was exactly what he expected but may seem shocking to you and I. If a soldier or really any American were to be seen on the streets we would be snatched up, tortured and killed.

Do you understand the travel ban now? In the video it is made perfectly clear that we are not welcome or safe in their country, so why should we feel safe allowing them into ours?

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Travel Ban sparks Marine question to Iraqi's

There is no doubt in my mind many people will say this is another example of Islamophobia. They may even say I suffer from it since I’m writing this. I beg to differ, When people who are not even involved with Isis or any other militant group tell a former Marine he would have his head cut off on video it delivers a message. If they would kill us in their country, what makes you think they would act any different in our own?

It is important to note that since filming his original video Mr. Gern has been evacuated from Iraq. What does that tell you? An ounce of prevention can protect the lives of many and a former U.S. Marine wants you to know the truth.

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