This Video Is A MUST SEE If You Are Stupid Enough To Believe That Islam is “Peaceful”

This was the caption below this video on Facebook: “Islam is a religion? Islam does not live up to the level of this description is not that the concept of religion is often regarding the relationship of human and khạlqh yţạr within a given what Islam is a political ideology club reflected thought men badawi patient brings together all of the ideas of racism that destroy human dignity and civilizations”

If you are still idiotic enough to believe that Islam is a “peaceful religion”, then you are either a fool, or just plan stupid. Islam has NO WISH to “coexist” , or live peacefully along side any other religions…it is not even a religion as we understand  it to be. It is a blood thirsty political ideology that calls for the death and enslavement of all “infidels”. So, to all you “liberals” out there who help propagate the “MYTH” that Islam is “a religion of peace”, I say watch this video and see with your own eyes, just what it is you so vehemently defend. By defending Islam…you are in effect cutting your own throats.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again so that all of you “useful idiots” can comprehend it: “It isn’t ‘Islamophobia’ if they really are trying to KILL you”.



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