Austin Texas Sheriff ROBBED In Broad Daylight!

Austin Texas Sheriff ROBBED In Broad Daylight!

Negligent Austin Area Sheriff Loses $1.5 Million

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is sticking it to the Travis County Texas Sheriff who pledged to refuse cooperation with federal immigration authorities. Newly elected Sheriff Sally Hernandez has been an outspoken advocate for illegal alien criminals. She has sworn to shield criminal illegals from deportation by directing her department not to notify the feds when an undocumented immigrant arrives on felony or misdemeanor charges. Her promised slap in the face of American sovereignty was enough to get her elected in the liberal blue bastion of Austin Texas.

Texas Sheriff Hernandez

Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez has lost $1.5 million in department funding.

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While accountability to her law-abiding American citizen constituents may not be a top priority to Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez, it is for Texas Governor Gregg Abbott.

 Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has blocked funding for the first time over so-called “sanctuary cities” after Austin’s sheriff stopped complying with all federal immigration detainers.

Abbott spokesman John Wittman said Wednesday that $1.5 million in previously approved criminal justice grants will no longer go to Travis County. The move follows Sheriff Sally Hernandez announcing after President Donald Trump’s inauguration that she would stop honoring all immigration holds in her jails.”

It is unfortunate that the Travis County Texas Sheriff’s Department is missing out on $1.5 million simply because the Sheriff is more concerned about keeping criminal illegal immigrants in Texas, than the safety and security of her county. Just like every fiscal/political integrity based issue, we can expect Austin area liberals to parade out a line of “victims” who will be inconvenienced by the lacking funds. Ironically they will be more angry at Gov. Abbott than the lady whose love for illegal alien criminals lost them the funds.
Texas Sheriff Hernandez

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has pulled funding from Travis County Sheriff’s department due to Sheriff Hernandez’ refusal to work with federal immigration authorities.

“The blocked funding in Texas’ fifth-largest county is only a fraction of Hernandez’s budget but funds programs such as crime victim services and drug treatment courts. Abbott has asked the Texas Legislature to prioritize a “sanctuary city” law between now and June. The Republican wants the power to remove locally elected officials and block a wider array of funds.”
We can debate the merits of local control (there are many) but when we get to the point that an elected county sheriff is deliberately shielding illegal alien criminals from deportation, it is perfectly reasonable to consider them negligent in their position. Not just because of their obstruction of federal authorities, but more importantly the legal exposure they put on their departments. If an illegal alien with a felony charge is shielded from the feds, released back into the public, and goes on to commit a violent crime against an innocent person (as in the death of Kathryn Steinle), the Sheriff’s department will consequently be exposed to far more than $1.5 million in damages. This is the type of expense that Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez wants to expose Travis County tax payers to… simply because she wants to make a political statement, “resist” the rule of law, and spit on America’s right to sovereignty.
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