Tennessee Woman Arrested for Carrying a Very Concealed Weapon


A Kingsport, Tennessee woman has been sentenced under a plea agreement today on charges of smuggling contraband into a penal facility, in addition to several other counts stemming from an incident that took place in April of 2013.  The woman, Dallas Archer, 21, was arrested for driving on a suspended license, but that was just the start of her problems with the law.

During the book-in process, a female jailer was performing a standard search of the suspect and “located an unknown item in her crotch,” according to a Kingsport Police Department report. Archer was then taken to a bathroom accompanied by the jailer and a female officer, where they discovered that a loaded handgun was concealed in her vagina. Once the pistol was recovered, officers determined that it was a .22 caliber North American Arms mini-revolver (which holds five rounds).


Thanks to a job well done by the officers, what could have become a major problem for officials, was stopped and only became a problem for Ms. Archer. In addition to the charges of driving on a suspended license, she was charged with, Introducing contraband into a penal facility, a felony for which she will serve a three-year prison term, according to a plea agreement, vandalism and failure to appear. Other pending charges of illegal possession of a hand gun and possession of stolen property were dismissed by a Grand Jury. Under the terms of her plea agreement, all jail time will be served consecutively. In addition, Archer will have to pay about $1000 in fines.

Woman Arrested for Really Concealed Weapon

After the weapon was recovered, a routine police check determined that the four-inch gun  had been stolen from an automobile owned by a local man, John Souther.

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The pistol, which is valued at $250, was taken from Souther’s car while the vehicle was parked next to his home. Police officers have not yet returned the weapon to its71-year old owner pending today’s disposition of the case.

When the story of where and how his weapon was recovered was relayed to Mr. Souther, following Archer’s arrest, he replied, “Oh, gosh.” Then he added that while he wanted “the little fellow” returned, the revolver would need “a bath in bleach.”


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