Ted Cruz Destroys DOJ Nominee Who Targeted Gun Retailers, Lost Bank Accounts Under Operation Choke Hold


It’s worth noting that while Senator Ted Cruz is running for president as a sitting Senator, he has time to attend hearings and to vote, two responsibilities that his counterpart and fellow presidential candidate Marco Rubio can’t fit into his busy schedule. It’s a fair question to ask whether the establishment GOP and money changer rent-a-senator Rubio would be able to fulfill the much busier duties of a sitting president in a manner that would do achieve anything other than placing a signature on what his donor puppeteers place in front of him. Whether Rubio is advocating for damaging policies or ignoring needed, beneficial ones, either way the American people come up losers. But enough about Rubio, but back to Senator Cruz.

After first noting that the Department of Justice under Hussein Obama has become a political arm of the White House, Cruz had some questions for Associate Attorney General Nominee Stuart Delery. He focuses on “Operation Chokepoint,” noting just those types of abuses that have been employed against the American public by that politicized “Justice” Department.

He points out the role that Delery played in intimidating banks into cutting off the lines of credit to firearms and ammunition merchants in an attack on the Second Amendment that was orchestrated by the White House and anti-Second Amendment former Attorney General Eric Holder.

Squirming and sweating like a fatted pig at a bar-b-cue, Delery attempts to portray his actions as not being based upon the targeting of legitimate and lawful gun and ammunition dealers strictly due to the nature of the product and services provided.

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After some quite lame excuses were put forward by the nominee, Senator Cruz has had enough, informing the political tool that “The Department of Justice should not be abusing its power, trying to bankrupt American citizens for exercising their constitutional rights.” Delery states that he agrees with Senator Cruz, describing the “stated” goal as being focused solely and squarely on fraud. It’s an obvious invocation of a protection that gun runner Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder put into place to provide plausible deniability to himself and his minions who were engaged in deliberate, unconstitutional attacks on the Second Amendment rights of his most loathed persons on earth, patriotic American citizens.

Cruz establishes that there was no evidence of fraud and no evidence of criminal activity whatsoever which justified the attacks on the gun merchants and no reason why their businesses should have been harassed through the intimidation tactics against their banks by the Department of Justice.

He also established that there was no effort on the part of the Justice Department or Mr. Delery in particular to apologize to those who were negatively impacted by their actions. They’re only citizens struggling to survive in an economy deliberately being destroyed by the Obama regime. They’re not worthy of an apology from one of the ruling council elites.

It’s too bad Senator Rubio didn’t bother to show up; he could have asked Delery if the DOJ was looking to hire anyone on an H1B visa. Maybe he could have joined Mr. Delery in a sweat-off, to see who looked more guilty and the bigger establishment hack trying to get one over on the American people. It would have been close, but at least Rubio wouldn’t have had to face Cruz and answer his questions.

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