Suspects Never Thought Video Would Get Out, But It Did. Now They Are Facing Life…

A horrifying story of attempted murder has come out of Brazil. The victim was a very young teenage girl, and all of the suspects are between thirteen and sixteen. The alleged motive is jealousy over a boy that one of the suspects was seeing.

The girls were videotaped while committing the brutal assault which involved various weapons and lasted for almost four hours.

AWM Reports:

“The attack took place in Trindade, a city located in the central Brazilian state of Goias. Local authorities found the disturbing footage of the attack on one of the suspect’s phones.

Apparently, the four suspects, all girls between thirteen and sixteen years of age, lured the fourteen year old victim to one of their houses by telling her a party was going on. They had dug a shallow grave in the yard to dispose of the victim, and then proceeded to torture her for almost four hours.”


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