What would a bunch of men really like to see during the Super Bowl? When they are hungry and nothing seems to satisfy except….. Snickers, right? Well, of course this commercial would have really satisfied them as well, but the Television networks banned it from getting in the slot Snickers wanted. In fact, they banned it from T.V. altogether. Now, it is here, in my story, just for all you hungry men out there that just can’t get enough of what you will see in this video.

Snickers created this raunchy and completely unrealistic commercial for the Super Bowl featuring Hot and sexy women washing cars. YES, that is right, when the commercial starts, a squad of GORGEOUS, bikini-clad models are playing with water and soap as they clean the cars of lustful men. They are moving their bodies and cleaning the cars up REAL GOOD. But what if the cars are not that dirty or they want to go through the car wash again for more action? Well, that is taken care of too.

Snickers 2

After you are done getting your bumpers buffed you can drive around the block and pay a very satisfied young man eating a Snickers to dirty your car up again for you. This one man discovered the greatest money making idea since the girl scout in Colorado that set up her girl scout cookie sales right next the marijuana dispensaries. He set up a mud-bucket station just outside the HOT car wash. He has a line of people eager to get their cars all nice and super dirty, so they can be cleaned real good.

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I do not write many stories with this kind of content but I could NOT pass this one up. Why you ask? Because I REALLY LOVE SNICKERS!


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