Suggestions for Trump’s First 100 Days In Office (Make America Safe Again)

The first 100 days of a new presidency is traditionally regarded as a sort of ‘honeymoon’ period for proposed legislation. Though we now have a White House and Congress controlled by Republicans, we know that most of those in Congress are simply RINOs and cannot be counted upon to support any measures which would actually keep this country safe.

However, President Trump can accomplish the following measures through the means of executive order:

1.) Place the military on the border.

Rather than sending a few hundred National Guardsmen to the 2,000 mile-long border under orders to never stop anyone entering this country illegally, the way Presidents Bush and Obama did, if, say, 20,000 troops along with their tanks, helicopters, and U.S. Air Force over-flights were utilized along the border (the same way we do for other countries), illegal entries would come to a screeching halt.

During a July 2010 news conference at the Pentagon, Gen. Craig McKinley, chief of the National Guard Bureau, told reporters that National Guard troops would begin a yearlong deployment on August 1, along the 2,000 mile-long U.S./Mexican border, The Dallas Morning News reported.

While the 1,200 troops were armed, they could only use their weapons for self-defense. The troops were distributed along the border as follows:

• Arizona…524
• Texas…250
• California…224
• New Mexico…72

With another 130 troops assigned to something called a “national liaison office.”

One item which Gen. Craig let slip during the press conference was the fact that the states of Arizona, Texas, California, and New Mexico combined, were currently contributing 54,000 National Guard troops to the U.S. war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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However, the federal government could only supply 1,200 troops back to that region, though that corner of our nation is being invaded by drug dealers and human smugglers.

The number of troops sent to the expansive and incredibly dangerous border amounted to 0.6 soldiers for every mile of the border. This combined with the questionable rules of engagement under which they were deployed, made the mission nothing more than a pitiable, political gesture from the White House.

In 2005, the Bush administration began to use U.S. combat troops to patrol the borders which define Iraq. In fact, at the time, he announced that there would be a complete lock-down on Iraq’s borders during that nation’s elections. Obama has also used our troops in that same capacity, as well as in providing border security for Afghanistan. While protecting the borders of foreign lands has been a priority for both Presidents Bush and Obama, neither ever showed a portion of that commitment to their own country.

The Mexican border could and should be made a permanent duty station for U.S. troops. This would allow the Border Patrol to fully staff the official entry points, which would dramatically reduce the amount of drugs as well as the number of criminals coming into this country through the official crossing checkpoints on a daily basis.

It would seem that the taxpayers of Arizona, Texas, California, and New Mexico are working for the security of foreign lands, rather than for that of their own states.

We could simply take the troops from Germany, where 38,000 U.S. troops are stationed, or any number of other locations around the world (28,500 are now stationed in Korea) and use our military to protect our own border.

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2.) Revoke the visas and ‘refugee’ status of all Muslims currently in this country.

We simply cannot afford to take a chance on more Islamic terrorism occurring in this country. It was our weak visa requirements which were used by most of the 9/11 hijackers, and when considering the rise of ISIS and the tens of thousands of so-called Muslim refugees who were allowed to enter this nation, largely un-vetted under the Obama administration, it is simply a matter of time before another large-scale attack occurs.

For the safety of this country, all non-citizen Muslims should be removed immediately.

3.) Issue a warning to all illegal aliens.

President Trump could hold a televised address to the nation in which he issues the following warning to all illegal aliens:

If you entered this country illegally, or are here on an expired visa, YOU HAVE 30 DAYS TO LEAVE! Get your affairs in order, either sell off or make arrangements to bring any property you may own with you; close-out any bank accounts you may have; and make travel arrangements for yourselves.

If you are caught inside this country after this 30-day period, you will be arrested and processed to see if you have any outstanding felony warrants, at which time you will either be extradited to the county where you were charged or deported. You will not be sent back to your home town, but simply escorted back to the Mexican border and all of your property will be seized, DOWN TO THE CHANGE IN YOUR POCKETS!

4.) Rescind President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), otherwise known as ‘Obama’s executive order amnesty.’

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The program has given aid and comfort to approximately 1.4 million illegal aliens, without the consent of Congress. If the rule of law is to be restored, this executive amnesty must be stricken down by the pen, as quickly as it was illegally instituted by the pen.

Because these illegal aliens registered applications with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, they will be rather easy to find.

All of the aforementioned measures could be easily undertaken by President Trump within his first few months in office, and all are within his power to do so. As Trump has said many times, it is time to “make America safe again!”

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Dave Gibson
Dave Gibson has worked as a freelance writer for many years, covering immigration, politics and crime. He once made a living working on Republican campaigns, and has served as a legislative aide to a Va. state senator. He is a frequent contributor to several radio shows, including the Talk Back w/Chuck Wilder Show.