Innocent Student Caught Up in Fake Anti-Cruz Tweet

(Twitter post from screen grab of WLS-TV report)

CHICAGO—A DePaul University student’s photo was reportedly stolen for false tweets against president candidate U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz.

An unknown person used a photo of Samantha Rivera, a junior student at DePaul, claiming to be a Los Angeles Times reporter named Jennifer Carr.

Samantha Rivera being interviewed by WLS-TV (screen grab)

Samantha Rivera being interviewed by WLS-TV (screen grab)

Using Rivera’s photo, Carr, who is not a real person, tweeted that she had an affair with Cruz when she worked for him 2012-13. It was retweeted 600 times and got 20,000 followers, and then a second tweet claimed Carr’s parents were being threatened by Cruz supporters, according to the university’s student’s newspaper, The DePaulia.

Rivera, who was unaware of her photo being used, said she has never met Cruz. The twitter account has since been taken down, but rebutting a false statement on the internet is like stamping out a wildfire. The Cruz campaign blames the Trump campaign for planting rumors, something the Trump camp denies.

According to WLS-TV:

Samantha Rivera said her phone was ringing so much it woke her up Wednesday morning. There were also texts and emails asking her if she had an affair with a presidential candidate. The journalism major at DePaul says nothing she learned in public relations classes prepared her for this.

“This person was using my profile picture to pose as one of Ted Cruz’ mistresses. I was completely dumbfounded, you know, who would do this?” Rivera said.

Rivera, who is a junior at DePaul University, says she has never met Cruz. She says her father did some investigating and traced the tweets to an account that has several aliases.

“He used the Jennifer Carr account to retweet a bunch of his stuff, and from there, they led to his account,” Rivera said.

According to  of LawNewz, Rivera could be entitled to sue the person behind the false tweet, if that person can be found.

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WATCH WLS’s full account in video below:

Rivera’s incident comes just a week after The National Enquirer published an article claiming Cruz had affairs with several women. Amanda Carpenter, a CNN political commentator and former Cruz communications director, was rumored to have been one of the women. Carpenter blamed Trump’s campaign for the story, which the Trump campaign denied.

“I don’t want to run away from this. I want to address it. But, at the same time, the hardest thing about doing this is defending myself, but not making it worse,” Carpenter told CNN’s Jake Tapper. “That’s the weird conundrum that I found myself in, and so many other women who have to confront these sort of sexist smears.”

With so much dirty flying around, the 2016 president campaign has got to be the toughest scrum in recent memory.