Shopping Mall Terror – More Evidence U.S. Will Be Sarin Gas Chemical Attack Target

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A Terrorist group linked to the so-called “rebels” in Syria is claiming responsibility for yesterday’s shopping mall attack in Nairobi, Kenya. At least 39 people are dead in the rampage at the Westgate Mall in Westlands, Nairboi. It is the worst terrorist attack in Kenya in 15 years. Over 150 people were wounded in the slaughter in addition to the 39 deaths.

The group reportedly behind the attack is the Somali based al-Shabaab, an Al Qaeda subgroup. Of particular concern is the belief that they are also the group that is the likely producer of the sarin gas used in the attack in Syria, in which 1,400 civilians were killed this past August. This latest attack is viewed as retaliation for the Kenyan military presence in Somalia, the group’s homeland and an ongoing terror hotspot. Al-Shabaab has confirmed their responsibility in the attack.

In an action which illustrates who their their intended victims were, witnesses reported that they permitted Muslims to go free and proclaimed that non-Muslims were their targets.

This attack is significant. There is a direct connection to the Obama-supported Al Qaeda in Syria, which we are arming and supplying through the questionably rational policies of the Hussein Obama regime. In a previous article I documented the connection between the al-Shabbab group, Al Qaeda, and the Syrian sarin gas attack.

The fact that these attackers are involved in the production of sarin gas, indicates that another attack, utilizing chemical agents, will likely be conducted on civilian targets outside of Syria.

America continues to build up and strengthen our adversaries and the bloodshed continues as well. There seems to be little more than lip service being paid to that aspect of our terrorism problem. Actions speak louder than words, and American actions would indicate that attacks by Muslim extremists are acceptable to our government. More than that, they appear to be an integral component of our foreign policy objectives, at the very least, a worthwhile tradeoff made in exchange for political, influential and territorial gains.

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