Shock: Meryl Streep Hits Trump Again in New Speech…Experts are Shocked by What She Says

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep made headlines recently when she used her Golden Globes acceptance speech to bash Donald Trump and his supporters.

It was yet another reminder that Hollywood is completely out of touch with the average American voter.

This weekend Streep compared Trump supporters to Nazi Brownshirts during her speech to the Human Rights Campaign this weekend.

The AP reported:

Addressing a cheering audience at a fundraising gala for the Human Rights Campaign, a national LGBT group, Streep referred to Trump’s tweet after her Globes speech, in which he called the celebrated actress “overrated.”

“Yes, I am the most overrated, over-decorated and currently, I am the most over-berated actress … of my generation,” she said to laughs.

She noted that she wished she could simply stay home “and load the dishwasher” rather than take a podium to speak out – but that “the weight of all these honors” she’s received in her career compelled her to speak out.

“It’s terrifying to put the target on your forehead,” she said. “And it sets you up for all sorts of attacks and armies of brownshirts and bots and worse, and the only way you can do it is if you feel you have to. You have to! You don’t have an option. You have to.”

Streep did not elaborate on the type of attacks she may have been subjected to since her Globes speech, or from whom. The Associated Press reached out to her publicist for details. The term “brownshirts” was first used to describe an early Nazi militia.

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