Sen Ted Cruz – Obama Apologist For Islamic Terrorists, Attacking 2nd Amendment – Taking Guns Won’t Work, Using Them Will


Even though the San Bernardino massacre has been classified as terrorism, much to the chagrin of the Oblamists, by the FBI, the regime’s caliphate creation team is still attempting to inject a bizarre element of doubt into the motives. We’re supposed to be ignorant enough to believe anything we’re told, such as that these murderous acts, if only given a sanitized label such as “workplace violence,” are less heinous, threatening and totally unmotivated by an ideological hatred for Americans.

The Obama messaging is intended to provide cover for the terrorist invaders but fortunately, fewer of the American people are now falling into that crap trap. Many have discovered that the foreign usurper occupying their White House is a pathological liar intent on their destruction and are, as part of that discovery, relying upon their own abilities to think for themselves. They’re beginning to recognize the pungent scent of White House Islamo-manure when it hits their noses.

Senator Ted Cruz made an appearance on Fox and Friends on Saturday in which he addressed the pro-Islamic propaganda coming out of this hijacked White House, with the first question being related to the real agenda behind the associated, simultaneous push for gun control that is pressed at a time when a heightened need for self-defense exists.

Senator Cruz responded with more consideration and benefit of the doubt than the Marxist left deserves. He described it as “An example of the partisan blindness from the left. In the face of an attack from radical Islamic terrorism, their response is to try to take away the right to keep and bear arms of law-abiding citizens. It’s entirely backwards.”

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Cruz said, “What we need, number one, is a commander-in-chief who will be cleared-eyed, who will be willing to acknowledge radical Islamic terrorism and who will lead the effort to utterly defeat and destroy radical Islamic terrorism and ISIS, which I will do as president. And number two we need a president who doesn’t go after our Constitutional rights but protects our Constitutional rights.

He’s asked about the number one concern of Americans as indicated in a poll taken that morning of terrorism, and how a President Ted Cruz would combat “Homegrown Islamic Radicalism.”

Cruz replies, “Well, we need to define the enemy, I mean, from the beginning Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have refused to acknowledge radical Islamic terrorism and that has in turn poisoned every one of their efforts, because you can’t target an enemy if you don’t define it.” Once again Cruz is being overly generous in his description of the motions being gone through by the two caliphate proponents as being an effort; they’re cover.

He then raises a point relevant to the “refugee” nonsense that both Obama and his appointed heir are spewing, the fact that the terrorist female was “vetted” using the exact process that would be involved with Syrian refugee jihadists. He notes obvious errors which were not caught, such as her use of a made-up address, which passed this “stringent scrutiny” Jihadi Jeh Johnson, John Kerry and Hussein Obama are deliberately lying to the American people in professing in their push for the North American Islamification.

He points out glaring “failures” in which the information of the terrorist inclinations in both the Boston and Ft. Hood terrorism instances were known to authorities but a decision was made to ignore it, with deadly consequences.

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Cruz describes it as a political correctness that prevents the Islamic enablers at the White House from acting in an appropriate manner, again, probably in the interest of civility, giving them much more consideration than they deserve.

Obama, Clinton, Johnson, Kerry and the rest of their operatives engaged in this open border importation of Islam and its radical terrorist foot soldiers are directly and deliberately engaging in terrorism against the United States.

Nobody reaches the highest political levels, particularly those of the Marxist Democrats, without realizing that their actions are detrimental to the foundation of our nation and its survival. They know exactly what they are doing. Senator Cruz surely knows as well, he’s just playing it smart, the way he has to for the time being. We all know what the Obama Islamic syndicate is really up to.

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