Sen Jeff Sessions – Americans Are In Revolt


 Senator Sessions Knows What Has Americans Angry And Ready To Revolt

On Thursday in a speech before the National Press Club in Washington, D.C, Senator Jeff Sessions said, “I think the concern about trade has expanded. I think the concern about immigration has expanded. And the American people, as Newt Gingrich said not too long ago are in revolt.

They’ve asked their politicians to fix the immigration system for Thirty years and they’ve refused. They’ve expressed concern for thirty years over trade and the politicians refused to respond.”

He asked, “So is this some blind, irrational, nativist complaint? Or is it really true that the trade agreements aren’t effectively protecting America’s interests.”

The questions that more and more Americans have been asking for the past several years are along the lines of why does this deal, law, policy or similar action not benefit the American people? Rather it is benefiting foreigners and is often something that is detrimental to the American citizens. Things like giving away our jobs to visa holders or illegal aliens benefit the rich who finance politicians but only serve to destroy the quality of life for the average middle class American.

Trade deals similarly put our sovereignty and manufacturing sector on the chopping block, with much of what used to be our means of earning a livelihood now being relocated to low wage labor markets or with low wage workers being imported to take our jobs.

If the government officials and those making these deals aren’t doing what’s best for us, we need to know why. Who’s writing the agreements, who do they work for, who benefits and most importantly, why?

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