Security Analyst Tony Shaffer: Former Obama Officials Behind Mike Flynn Phone Call Leaks (Video)

Tony Shaffer

Allies to former President Obama and former Obama administration officials worked for months to secretly undermine now-former White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn in the national media and salvage the Iran nuclear deal.

Insiders familiar with the anti-Flynn campaign told the Free Beacon that these Obama loyalists plotted in the months before Trump’s inauguration to establish a set of roadblocks before Trump’s national security team, which includes several prominent opponents of diplomacy with Iran. The Free Beacon first reported on this effort in January.

Shaffer says the leaks will lead back to the Barack Obama White House.

In an interview, Former CIA analyst Tony Shaffer told FOX Business Network to be careful what they ask for, Democrats want an investigation into the Mike Flynn phone calls with Russia.

Shaffer says the leaks will lead back to the Barack Obama White House.

Tony Shaffer: I would put this right at the feet of John Brennan and Jim Clapper and I would go so far as to say the Obama White House was directly involved before they left. Ben Rhodes and those folks… The Democrats are behind this and some of the Republicans are involved with the leaks. So I say ‘Bring it on!’


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