The Big Secret About The Dress That Stole The Grammy’s


In case you weren’t watching the Grammy’s last night, like millions of conservatives across the nation, one dress literally sent liberals over the edge on the Red Carpet. Singer Joy Villa shocked the assorted the liberals both on the carpet and in the crowd when she showed up at the event wearing a dress that make her political feelings known to all, and they were not happy about it.

Ms. Villa stopped and posed for photos wearing a sexy, skin-tight blue satin dress, with the words “Make America Great Again” emblazoned down the front, and our Presidents name in huge letters around the hemline of the dress. But while liberals were busy going off the rails, they missed the biggest story about the dress’ creator and designer. Andre Soriano, the man who designed the dress has a story almost as special as the body hugging dress he designed for Joy Villa.


Andre Soriano is living the American Dream, he immigrated from the Philippines to the United States when he was just 16 years old to find a better life and pursue his dreams of working in the fashion industry. Andre now owns his own highly successful business named Andre Soriano  which is located in California.

Mr. Soriano says he got the idea for Joy’s dress when he was watching coverage of the Women’s March in Washington D.C. He says that when he heard the remarks made by the hag, Madonna, including how she wanted to “blow up the White House,” he was livid. Andre says the statements made him furious.

That was when he called Ms. Villa and told her he wanted to scrap his original designs for her dress and start again. He told her he wanted to design a dress that would “unite the country,” in the wake of all the hate coming from the left.

Since Joy Villa is a not-so-shy supporter of President Trump, she was immediately all for the idea. But perhaps the biggest secret the surprise Grammy’s dress is hiding is that it is actually made from a huge Trump flag. Andre said “We only have one President and that is President Trump. It’s NOT Hillary.”

He went on to tell a reporter from Gateway Pundit, the dress was his way of being like a famous civil rights icon. The Pro-Trump Grammy’s dress is designed to make a statement, “Just like Rosa Parks, we are going to stand up for our rights as Americans,” noting that “the dress was designed in love, it is all about love.”

Andre says he proudly voted for President Trump because “I love America and I believe in America.” Even though Andre is an Immigrant, he has made it abundantly clear to everyone he talks to that he is a huge supporter of building the wall. He says he is all for people coming here to build a better life, just like he did. But they have to do it legally. Andre is also a huge supporter of the United States Constitution and believes that people that come here need to support it and not try to change it. If they don’t like what it says, they should feel free to go somewhere else.


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