SAD! Unhinged Leftists Attack Trump’s 2-Year-Old Granddaughter – Twitter Users Went Crazy

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Ever since Donald Trump was elected as President, liberals have brutally attacked his family without mercy. In the past, this kind of attacks to the First Family was very rare, but now, major celebrity liberals are using every opportunity to publicly attack President Trump and his family.

Yesterday, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted the following picture of his adorable daughter.

“Oh Chloe!!! Always the cutest. Hardest thing in the world is to not spoil the last of my little monsters,” the president’s son captioned the sweet snapshot of his daughter in an Ernie hat.

Take a look…

The Twitter trolls came out in force to denounce Trump Jr. and his daughter.

Here are their nasty comments.

A normal person wouldn’t take issue with that. Democrats on the other hand?

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They had plenty of nasty comments to say about it.

However this situation didn’t go unseen by Trump’s supporters!

Here’s their PERFECT reactions:

h/t: usatwentyfour