Riots Could Explode This Summer According to Experts


When Obama took office,riots were rare things. Most of the country was guardedly optimistic about what the next 4 years would bring. We were coming off eight years of war that had been forced upon us by Islamic Terrorists from the Middle East. Many thought that Obama might just be the answer to an honorable disengagement from that conflict. But we were quickly proved wrong.

The country was at a point in time when even Militia groups had seen a major decline in memberships from the 80’s and 90’s, in fact, it is estimated that there were fewer than 3 dozen such groups in existence when Obama assumed leadership. But during his eight years, of spreading racial hate, promoting riots and distrust of Law Enforcement along with disdain for the rule of law, that number has steadily increased.

 Citizens, both Black and White, lost all faith in the federal government and as a result turned to their friends and neighbors to find security for themselves and their families. Many of those informal groups grew into formal Militia organizations in the course of time, as civil unrest spread thanks to societies misfits, the lone thugs banned together to see just how far they could push ordinary citizens. There actions has led to two situations.

First, the actions of lawless gangs both domestic and Hispanic criminals that have flooded the country over the last decade have driven crime rates to almost historic levels afters 20 years of decline. Personal assault cases and robberies are through the roof. In our major cities, residents are less safe there than the people living in war torn countries in the Middle East. Chicago has just set a new record for the number of shootings in one year and one source says that according to a police official 73% of those shootings involve illegal aliens. But despite that, city officials have declared Chicago to be a Sanctuary City and are refusing to work with Federal officials to control the problem.

Second, Obama’s policies proved to be a major boost for gun sales as month after month saw record setting numbers of firearms sold. In addition, numbers of concealed carry permits have skyrocketed and law abiding citizens have started taking military style combat classes nationwide. As faith in both the governments ability and desire to keep thugs under control has diminished, citizens have turned to self defense to insure their safety, and that of their loved ones.

All this has led us to a point where there are now more than 250 militia groups in the United states. These groups range from those made up of former military personnel, to those that are basically prepper groups that that are reading their members for a total breakdown in society. Over the last eight years, some of these groups have banned together to form alliances and some have even been involved in standoffs with government agencies that have overstepped there authority.

Most of these groups are hoping that the Election of President Trump will restore the rule of law to our city streets, but they have all adopted a ‘wait and see’ attitude. No one knows exactly how many Americans have turned to militia membership over the last eight years, but estimates range form 125,000 to 250,000 members nationwide. One thing that you can be sure of is that while some of these groups are more militant than others, they all have a few things in common, they all firmly believe in limited government, their first priority is the welfare of their members and they are all prepared to protect your life and property from the riots conducted by thugs and anarchists should the government fail to do their constitutional duty.

So the next time you see a member of a militia group defending your rights, standin up to riots, helping to feed the homeless or maybe even helping police and border agents guard our borders, remember that they are as close to the ideals of our founders as anyone you will ever find. You might even want to take a moment and let them know that you appreciate the sacrifices they have made in the past and the ones they are prepared to make in your behalf in the future. In fact you might even want to consider joining such a group in light of the recent events in many of our major cities since the election. At least with them, you know who has your back.


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