RICO Charges For Opposing Climate Hoax – Sen Presses Lynch To Make It Happen


Climate Worship and Constitution Can’t Coexist – Whitehouse Wants RICO, Lynch For His Gestapo

The Climate Hoax establishment hasn’t been able to persuade people that their fraud is fact, and as Marxists, their natural inclination is to use the force of government when the force of brainwashing fails them.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) is the perfect tool for the job. In May of last year the Rhode Island Democrat wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post in which he formalized his position against free speech, public debate and the marketplace of ideas, solidifying his credentials as a member of the Gaia Gestapo. Speech and stated views and opinions which expose his positions as contrived and false, including the manufacturing and purchase of supportive false evidence, must be eliminated, made illegal and subject to state sanctions against the “evil thinkers.” Thought-master Whitehouse will tell us what to think, and have us arrested if we stray or dare to disagree, under RICO statutes. He cited as precedent the battle between tobacco and the federal government in which the feds overstepped their legitimate authority and stifled the First Amendment rights of pro-tobacco organizations and lobbyists.

His Washington Post op-ed is one weak argument, false position, lie and unconstitutional attack following another from the very first sentence which falsely declares CO2 to be a pollutant. As we know CO2 is a lot like that other nasty toxin, Oxygen.

Walter Olson, a senior fellow at the CATO institute, described what Whitehouse was doing then as “criminalizing advocacy.” Olson added, “Sen. Whitehouse cites as precedent the long legal war against the tobacco industry. When the federal government took the stance that pro-tobacco advocacy could amount to a legal offense, some of us warned tobacco wouldn’t remain the only or final target.” His warnings have proven to have been justified and prophetic. He quotes himself from The Rule of Lawyers;

In a drastic step, the agreement ordered the disbanding of the tobacco industry’s former voices in public debate, the Tobacco Institute and the Council for Tobacco Research (CTR), with the groups’ files to be turned over to anti-tobacco forces to pick over the once-confidential memos contained therein; furthermore, the agreement attached stringent controls to any newly formed entity that the industry might form intended to influence public discussion of tobacco.

In her book on tobacco politics, Up in Smoke, University of Virginia political scientist Martha Derthick writes that these provisions were the first aspect in news reports of the settlement to catch her attention. “When did the governments in the United States get the right to abolish lobbies?” she recalls wondering. “What country am I living in?” Even widely hated interest groups had routinely been allowed to maintain vigorous lobbies and air their views freely in public debate.

Watching as Whitehouse questioned Attorney General Lynch on Wednesday, one naturally had to wonder how much of this discussion has already taken place in private and how much is a preparatory base for a subsequent assault on our freedoms and mandated compliance with a draconian usurpation of the Constitution.

The short clip of Whitehouse contains a cornucopia of falsehoods and distortions, including his assertion of mischief, the “pretending” that the “science on carbon emissions dangers is unsettled,” and the existence of a “climate denial apparatus” rather than a mere fact and reality based opposition opinion. He uses the wrongful abuse of the law under Bill Clinton as a supposed justification and incentive for similar abuse under Obama by Lynch.

The expressions on the faces of the spectators say it all – “What is this liberal freak talking about?” If Lynch isn’t in on Whitehouse’s scheme she probably has similar questions herself.

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