You Won’t Believe What Happened When This Brave Young Woman Left The Grammy’s

You are at a time when self-important entertainers want to spew their hate and vitriol of our President and attack his children, certain they “have all the answers,” but in fact know nothing of the real world. When singers with the morals of alley-cats threaten to blow up the White House and verbally attack their children, while promising sexual favors for illegal votes.

Well last night at the Grammy awards, one singer had the courage to stand up for her beliefs showing her support for the President. Singer Joy Villa showed up at the awards show wearing a beautiful long white coat. But it was the dress under the coat that shocked you and her fellow attendees and the audience. When she removed the covering for a photo op on the Red Carpet, Ms. Villa was clad only in what used to be a pro-President Trump flag.

The dress, which was created by immigrant designer,  Andre Soriano  who is a Trump supporter, admits he created the dress to make a political statement. That statement was made by Black singer Joy Villa in her Trump-supporting gown, shattering the racist stereotype against our leader. Villa says she knew the dress would cause repercussions making her a target, but she wasn’t expecting what happened when she left the awards show.

Villa said awards shows have become a stage for trashing our president and decided make her own sentiment showing support for Trump by wearing the “Make America Great Again” gown. Villa looked stunning in the gown, beaming with patriotism and pride for our president, but she was unprepared for what happened as she exited the building. She had knowingly made herself a target from the vile left, including some in her own industry.

Within seconds of stepping out in her MAGA gear, Villa was verbally berated by non-tolerant leftists who even went as far as to call for her death. “ATTACK!! KILL HER!! THROW HER IN A CAMP…FOR ADULTS!!” one liberal psycho screamed on Twitter. Another stooped to the level of changing her name on Wikipedia to Joy Angela Villa Trash. The attacks raged on for hours, calling her a desperate traitor,” and some turned to racism, since liberals think racism is only wrong when it’s coming from a conservative.

Then something will amaze you happened. Shortly after leaving the show and learning of the attacks against her, she got news that the “Trump effect,” had taken hold. Because she was brave enough to show her support for the president, her album, I Make the Static,  you on the Right made her album soar to the top of the charts on Amazon, going from #543,202 to #3 in just hours. Better yet, she is currently outselling  both Lady Gaga and BLM favorite Beyoncé.

The American people have spoken yet again. You created unprecedented album sales for the singer who paraded her patriotism and support for Trump. People are sick of liberal entertainers hate and divisive comments from their pretentious perches.


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