Revolution in Attack Mode Under Snowflake Jill Stein

The Revolution is not over, while many conservatives and other true Americans believe they did their part and elected Donald Trump to save the nation and are now content to sit back and let him fix all the problems, the Liberal Left is not resting. You may think the war is over, but in fact it has just began. All those riots and attacks on trump supporters prior to and just after the election were just probing attacks against our side to see how dedicated we really are to fighting for the soul of our nation.

Since Mr. Trump was declared the winner, you have seen additional riots and attacks break out across the country, most of which have not even received a passing word from the liberal propaganda press. In addition, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media companies have worked to remove the conservative ability to mobilize our forces and limit our speech and access to the Internet and like-minded individuals. They have removed whole pages of conservative news, and canceled accounts of legitimate writers and leaders of our point of view.


Meanwhile, the revolution warriors of the Left have been working behind the scenes to upset the election process and strip Mr. Trump of the office of President. So afraid of him are these Socialist cowards that rather than confront the issue head on, they make allegations in courts that are not meant to change vote counts, but are aimed at reducing the total Electoral votes that Mr. Trump won on election day and strip a large segment of our citizens of their right to participate in the election process. They know they can’t win the election, but they can win the prize by making it so that lawyers and judges stop the vote counts from being certified until after the Federal Deadline.

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These same Socialists and Communists do not really care if Mr. Trump is the president, their fear is that after conducting their revolution for over 70 years to take over the country and standing on the verge of making that a reality, they are about to lose it all. Currently the Supreme Court is split with 3 liberal judges 1 socialist judge, 1 swing judge, and 3 normally conservative judges. As you know there is one vacancy that has not been filled yet, and most likely there will be another vacancy from the liberal side within the next couple of years. In addition there is a likelihood that there will be another retirement in the next four years. This is something that the left just cannot stand to have happen, when they have come so close to taking over the judicial system. Already, many of the federal courts in the nation have been filled with liberal judges and at least 3 of the Federal Appeals Courts have majority liberal justices.

Jill Stein’s attack on the voting process in three states, is not about the method, nor is it concerned with who really won or even if there was Hacking involved in the voting process. Her sole motivation in this matter is to make sure that Donald Trump does not take office on January 20, 2017 and appoint new Conservative judges to the Federal court system and especially to the Supreme Court. Liberals cannot truly win the hearts and minds of real Americans, and eventually, even most of the under 40 crowd come to see that the answers to their problems does not come from Big Government. Free phones and internet accounts may entertain you, but it does not keep you safe or give you a better life, you have to work for that.

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No my Brothers and Sisters, do not think that simply be electing Donald Trump to the presidency you have beaten back the evils of the Socialist Left. In fact, you probably did no more than draw a line in the sand and now you are going to have to spend the next decade driving them back from it. Rest assured that it will be a bloody fight, but we have no one to blame for ourselves, because we let this Political Correctness demon out of the box and now it is up to us to put it back behind bars along with its supporters. Life is hard, but it is hardest for those that don’t learn how to cope with disappointment and harsh words.

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