Questions About the Womans March

It has been almost a month since the Womens march on Washington D.C. Claimed by the mainstream media as a political movement of epic proportion, I am still at a loss on both what the protests across the country were about and what did they accomplish.

Was this a crusade to attempt to make Hillary Clinton relevant? It failed.

Was this a showing of the power of Feminists? It failed.

Was this a pushback on Trumps supposed misogyny ? It failed.

Feminists writers talk of being confused, depressed, disgusted and heartsick according to Guardian writer Jessica Valenti. I understand her feelings, I feel the same way about feminists. Any organization that proclaims that they hate men, who treats babies as an inconvenience, hates God because the Bible won’t bend to their beliefs, they hate the freedom to disagree with them, the opportunity that is free to all in this country, and even any and all in  a position of authority, such as the military or law enforcement is disgusting to me. There are millions of American women who disagree with what the feminist movement has become, an Islamist apologist movement based on the Marxist movement of the 60’s.


Celebrities were sure to be front and center, as they always are when progressives start to whine about being victims. These mulit-millionaires bellow and complain about the poor and downtrodden which they should admit they don’t know. They bellow about immigration because if the law is enforced, who will mow their lawns, clean their houses, of be their nannies? I suppose they didn’t learn that a celebrities political opinion is only important to other celebrities and the low information voters who don’t vote anyway. Everyone can see how important celebrities endorsements were to Hillary Clinton during the voting process.

And of course, the celebrities came out full force for the march. We have Ashley Judd accusing our President of having sex with his daughter, Madonna thinking of blowing up the White House, and others too numerous to mention. It shows how celebrities and the others of low morals and self-esteem think about the people of this country and the President that they elected. These are the same celebrities who want your money for the “enlightening” movies they star in, but don’t want to meet anyone who would actually watch those movies. After all, they are so much better than the everyday man because the actors. It would be nice if they would at least “act” like they understand the people who work hard every day to provide for their family, but I suppose that is too much to ask. They take it upon themselves to use the coarsest vocabulary and deviant innuendos to denigrate those who disagree. I would expect better from those who feel they are better than everyone else. And those who claim this is just the beginning from their gated communities will never get their hands dirty, but have others do what they feel is appropriate.

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All those celebrity types that like to discuss subjects like climate change, diversity, immigration, subjects on which they consider themselves experts because they have been indoctrinated by the progressive/socialists, along with a bunch of those immersed in the garbage of gender studies, womyns studies at the cushy liberal arts colleges where no word of reality is allowed to infiltrate claim to speak for all women. They don’t, not even close. What they do is use what they consider feminism to push the Progressive/socialist premise that Hillary must be President in order for women to have their rights. Closer investigation shows that the Democrats targeted college age women and the millennials and as a result became totally irrelevant to women who don’t live within the victimology bubble built and maintained by feminists and the mainstream media. The Campus Rape promulgated by the feminists and mainstream media which claims that 1 in 5 college women will be raped has been proven false. It is distressing that any an accused of rape must prove thier innocence on many college campuses and at an unconstitutional college court.

They claim to be protesting for women’s rights, but fail to explain what rights have been taken from then. In this country they will not be beheaded for being alone outside of their homes, they will not receive 200 lashes for talking to a man without consent of the men in their family, they can even drive. What rights do they not have? Where are the protests for the women in the Middle East, where are the celebrities shouting about the way that women are treated like second class citizens in places like Iran, Iraq, Syria, and many other Middle Eastern countries.

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There are areas of the feminsist arguments that make no sense. If the main premise of the march was womens right, why did black feminists tell white feminists to listen more and talk less? How does this compliment the reson for the march which was explained as a women’s march for equal pay, marriage, adoption according to information disseminated by the instigators of this debacle.

What it turned into was a massive promotion for the identity politics that Obama has pushed upon the citizens. There was no serious discussion of women’s right, just a loud whining by the perceived victims about haw dangerous Donald Trump would make our country. I suppose our betters, the celebrities, and those who decide to dress as vaginas and wear “pussy hats” can be called upon to protest our New President on day one of his Presidency.

One of the specifics that was part of this Womens March that makes no sense to a rational thinking person is why was Linda Sarsour, an anti-Semitic, anti-American believer of Sharia law allowed to be a major part of this march? Her tweets which are readily available excoriates patriots and anyone who is a supporter of Israel. Named by our Muslim in Chief Obama as a “Champion of Change” , she declares that our country is based on genocide and slavery, claims that those who support the Jewish State are responsible for the slaughter perpetrated by ISIS. I am still waiting for the feminists to explain how a Palestinian boy, abut six years old being taught how to throw rocks at Israeli soldiers is the definition of courage. Sarsour supports violence and terrorists while hiding in a country founded on the same Christian values she abhors. It should be informative to those voters in New York that this woman is a good friend of Deblasio, and receives money from the State of New York for her actions. This is the same woman who met with, and had her picture taken with a financier for Hamas, and a former Hamas operative for Hamas who had been jailed in Israel in the 90’s for work with the terrorist group. Is this the type of woman that feminists want organizing the events they take so seriously?  Do they really want to be led by someone who feels the United States should implement sharia law?

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Even CNN analyst Bakari Sellers admitted that this march wasn’t about womens right but about liberalism. It was more about the empowerment of women to have taxpayers pay for their tampons, abortions and birth control. They continue to claim the empowerment they demand is based on their victimhood. They want the government and taxpayers to coddle them, to protect them and to give them all they demand. Perhaps treating the opposition respectfully and not wearing vagina as costumes may get more people to listen. Because acting in the way they did at the march will only make people turn away, and most to laugh at the idiocy.  A question you must ask yourself. Is wearing obscene costumes and speaking in ways that would make a longshoreman blush, and working with those who want to impose shaira law a winning combination for you?