Putin Bypasses Obama and Sends Message to the American People…

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Recently the Russian government issued an official statement from President Vladimir Putin. In the message to the American people, Mr. Putin, said “The people of Russian and the government were tired of the lies of Barack Obama with regards to supposed interference of Russia in the recent Presidential elections.” Mr. Putin stated again that the Russian government took no role, either active or supportive in any attempt to undermine U.S. elections and challenged Obama to produce any evidence to the contrary.

The message came even as the American lame duck Obama administration continues on its path to stir up as much trouble in the area of Foreign Relations as they can, in what appears to be a concerted attempt to bury the incoming President with one crisis after another even before he takes office. Currently Washington is preparing to level new sanctions on the Russian government in what they say is retaliation for Russia’s attempted hacking of the voting process. But last week, The Washington Post released a story that refuted the Obama administration’s accusations against the Russian government. 


In their story, they quoted the Secretaries of State of at least two states as saying that “yes there were attempts to hack the election process, but after their investigations, they have identified the attempts as all coming from the same IP address. That address is not located in Russia, but is in fact located in the Washington offices of the Department of Homeland Security.”

The Washington Post also attempted to obtain a statement from DHS officials about the alleged attacks, but they declined any comment on the subject. Officials did however confirm that the department did conduct “tests of the voting systems in at least 20 states to determine the security of their systems at the request of the office of the President.”

So it would appear that there was in fact an attempt to hijack the election, but the attack did not come from the Russians, but rather from the man that holds not only the highest office in our nation, but is also the standard carrier of the Democrat Party. The only question is was the attack really one to test security of the voting system, or was it an attempt to again steal the election from the real winner and award it to Hillary Clinton just as the party did during the primaries with regard to Bernie Sanders?

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It would appear that in any case, the whole attack was conceived and orchestrated by one Barack Obama and not by Vladimir Putin as the current administration has been telling everyone. As for Russia, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warned in a website posting, that “If the U.S. adopts new sanctions, the government in Moscow will resort to counter-measures in response.”

Finally, the statement went on to say, “Frankly, we are tired of the lies about the Russian hackers which continues to flow into the United States media from the very top. Six months ago, the Obama administration launched this misinformation in an attempt to play up the desired results for himself and a candidate in the November presidential election, and not achieving the desired outcome is now looking for an excuse for their own failure, and with a vengeance is playing on the Russian American relationship.”






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