Pro-Trump Actress Roseanne Barr Slaps Whining Liberals Hard with Brutal Announcement

roseanne barr

Although Hollywood is known to be a haven for Democrats, not every celebrity agrees with the progressive movement. Proving just that most recently was Rosanne Barr who decided to slap the collective left with quite the announcement after listening to one too many whining liberals complain about President Donald Trump – and it was downright brutal.

Pro-Trump actress Roseanne Barr took to Twitter to clear up a common misconception, and something our media fails to recognize or report.

Every single attack on @POTUS is really a disguised attack on American voters who rejected Obama-Clinton-Bush’s bleeding of R treasury.

She’s not wrong! Any time someone lashes out at President Trump, they’re belittling the role We the People had in putting him into office.

As the liberals continue to worship at the church of Obama and Hillary, the rest of America suffers. How can we ever be united when so many of us are cheering for the wrong team?

We the People voted President Donald Trump into office — in droves — and our votes mattered. To call that into question is outrageous and an insult to the voting process.

We stand behind our president, as patriots, and any blow he feels while in office is a blow that we as Americans feel as well. While the Obama administration drained our treasury and increased racial tensions, President Trump has been hard at work to create more jobs and unify the people of the United States.

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roseanne barr

Instead of backing our president, and our decision as voters to choose him as our representative, the left continues to try to undermine him at every turn.

These ongoing political “scandals” that ultimately lead nowhere are just a distraction from all of the GOOD the president is doing.

We the People are proud of our choices, and no liberal lunatic can sway our opinion. Like Rosanne Barr, we stand by our life, career, and voting choices.

As the sore losers of the left continue to rage, it’s our job as patriots to stand tall and be proud that WE had a hand in making America great again. And we fully support brave actresses like Roseanne Barr who tell it like it is and aren’t afraid to stand tall with us!

h/t: usatwentyfour