WE ARE SAVED! What Trump Just did to Medicare Will Save MANY American Lives!


We now know that no President Trump has a plan to save us, and it does not involve caving into the ignorant demands from the left to allow illegals to flood our country, and he isn’t going to submit to U.N. demands to bring in thousands of more Muslim Refugees. But what he took the time to do yesterday could mean the saving of hundreds of thousands of American lives over the next 10 years. President Trump has met with representatives of the major drug companies and has negotiated lower prices on several commonly used drugs.

In addition he has also arraigned continuing talks with the companies on still more drug prices. This action alone could save the Medicare program and its subscribers several hundred million dollars every year. In addition, to lower prices, President Trump also promised the companies faster approval of drugs which are currently undergoing review by the FDA.


Currently, under existing regulations, it can take over 20 years for some drugs to go from conception to the lab, to the government for trials and then to achieve final approval before they end up on your drug stores shelves. Many of these drugs are designed to fight some of the deadliest diseases on earth and many see their final cost increased by several hundred dollars due to the lengthy FDA approval process,

In yesterday’s meeting, President Trump emphasized the need to lower “astronomical” drug prices, decrease regulations and bring more drug manufacturing into the United States. Trump offered no specific policies, but mentioned increasing competition and “bidding wars” as a way to bring down prices.

In the past, he has lashed out at the pharmaceutical industry for “getting away with murder” and threatened to use the government’s bargaining power to force down drug prices for programs like Medicare. Most of Tuesday’s meeting was held behind closed doors, but Trump spoke to the media beforehand while surrounded by executives from a half-dozen large drug companies.

We have to get prices down for a lot of reasons. We have no choice,” Trump said, flanked by chief executives Kenneth Frazier of Merck and Robert Hugin of Celgene. “For Medicare, for Medicaid, we have to get the prices way down.”

Stephen Ubl, president of lobbying group Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, or PhRMA, said the industry is open to working with the Trump administration on “market-based reforms.” He called the meeting “positive, productive.”

Our industry takes seriously the concerns raised about the affordability and accessibility of prescription medicines,” Ubl said. “The current system needs to evolve to enable the private sector to lead the move to a value-driven health care system.”

Hugin of Celgene said the companies were excited to work with Trump on health-care reform. The changes he is proposing are ones that I think are going to be great for the country and consumers,” Hugin said.


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