President Slams Predecessors, Promises America First


President Slams Predecessors, Promises America First

As three of the four former Presidents sat on the inaugural platform, President Trump lowered the boom on their legacies, telling them and the assembled citizens that the days of rule by the privileged elite are over. No longer will Americas citizens sit by while our military is allowed to decline, our businesses flee overseas and our borders are invaded. No longer will these so-called leaders and their selected groups rule America, that today the power and the future of our country is being returned to where it belongs, the citizens of our country.

All through the speech, Barack Obama sat chewing on his lip, while Joe Biden looked like an unhappy four year old that had just had his favorite toy taken away. Meanwhile Bill and Hillary Clinton sat quietly in their seats, Bill with a sour scowl pasted on his face while Hillary looked like someone had put an extra Prozac in her morning coffee.

As President Trumps speech progressed, he told the assembled group that from this point on, America had a new vision, one that put America first in all things. A startling contradiction to the speech delivered by Obama eight years ago. In that speech, Obama spent the major of his words apologizing for the greatness of America and how he was going to lead from behind. Well one thing you can say for Obama, he spent his time doing exactly that. Meanwhile President Trump spoke of how we were going to rebuild the nation, from the military to the infrastructure to our schools and manufacturing capabilities.

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President Trump went on to deliver a message of patriotism, inviting all citizens to come together and join in the work that must be done and promising us all that he would tirelessly to work not for the elites, but for all Americans to “Make America Great Again.” During his speech, Mr. Trump praised the military and police for working selflessly to keep us all safe and thanked them for the personal sacrifices they make on a daily basis, a huge change from the previous administration.

In a final attack on the three previous administrations and current members of congress, President Trump said that the days of do nothing politicians were over than neither he nor the people would any longer put up with so-called leaders that refused to take a stand or those that worked only for themselves and their donors. The President said that from this point on, it was a new day, one that would see America assume its rightful place in the world. Then following the Inauguration, Mr Trump was off to a nearby office to sign several Executive Orders before going to the formal luncheon at the Capitol Building.


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