Police, or Thugs With Guns? Watch the Video and Decide {{VIDEO}}

Police, or Thugs With Guns? Watch the Video and Decide

From Massachusetts to New Hampshire, the 50-year-old Worcester, Massachusetts resident, Richard Simone, gathered a convoy of Police Officers from state, county, and local townships and led them on an hour long high speed chase through the two states. Mr. Simone had warrants out for his arrest for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, larceny, and failure to stop for police officers.

Apparently Mr. Simone gained a bit of confidence after running from and eluding the police previously. There had been a BOLO (Be On The Look Out) issued for Mr. Simone and when the police in Holden, Massachusetts spotted him shortly after 1600 hours on Wednesday, May 11, 2016, they initiated a traffic stop, but Mr. Simone apparently gained a little confidence from having previously eluded the law, and decided he was not going to stop this time either.

It was not long after Mr. Simone hit the road leading the police who initiated the traffic stop through a multitude of Massachusetts roads, that the Massachusetts State Police joined the pursuit. A turn here, a turn there, a few abrupt lane changes and before they knew it Mr. Simone was leading the police from the state and local Massachusetts jurisdictions across the Tyngsboro Bridge into New Hampshire. As the pursuit headed toward Hudson, New Hampshire, the New Hampshire State Police and some local New Hampshire township police departments joined the pursuit.

As Mr. Simone entered a New Hampshire residential  neighborhood near Nashua, New Hampshire, he made the decision to bring his silver pickup truck to a halt. This is when Mr. Simone went from breaking the law acting like a common criminal, to being a victim.

As you can clearly see in the video of the traffic stop, recorded by a news helicopter overhead, when Mr. Simone stopped his vehicle, he stepped out of it calmly, immediately going to his knees and laying face down on the road. As soon as Mr. Simone was on his face, you can clearly see two police officers, who were approaching with there fist drawn back, lunge in on top of Mr. Simone, leading with a wild swing of their fist into Mr. Simone’s face. As soon as the first two police officers were on top of Mr. Simone, continuing to brutally punch Mr. Simone in the face over and over, another half dozen or so police officers joined in, all of them swinging their fist at Mr. Simone’s head and face. As the gang of police officers turned thugs knelt on Mr. Simone’s back, securing his arms out to his sides so he was helpless and defenseless, the thugs that did not join in the slug fest, just stood there watching the other thugs savagely beat Mr. Simone. It was not until one of the Officers appears to have noticed the helicopter from the media hoovering above them, that the beating stopped.

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Two of the thugs were immediately relieved of duty, they will not say who, but my guess is it’s the two seen initially jumping in on Mr. Simone with their fist drawn back. The Attorney General from both states, as well as all of the heavy brass from the various state and local police departments, are all promising a thorough investigation and their cooperation with said investigation across multiple jurisdictions.

Having been in law enforcement for a number of years and many of those I call friend being in the profession, it infuriates me when I see police officers conduct themselves as these officers did. Every officer on the scene beating or watching Mr. Simone being beat should be at a minimum fired, if not criminally prosecuted. It’s the conduct displayed by these officers that give groups like Black Lives Matter the validation they need to make their senseless allegations against ALL men and women in law enforcement. Those officers that stood by watching without making any effort to stop the others from beating on Mr. Simone are just as guilty as the ones who were beating on him.

I’m sure, like always there will be those that want to defend the police officers by saying things like, “you don’t know what Mr. Simone did before they stopped him,” as if he could have done anything to justify the sort of conduct displayed by these officers. I can tell you with great confidence having been a defensive tactics instructor in another life, that there is NO circumstance where any police officer is taught to repeatedly punch a man in the face who is restrained.

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Police officers have a tough enough job these days as it is, and take enough baseless criticism without officers doing something like this. I get the Thin Blue Line and officers looking out for one another… They have to. Unlike most jobs, an officer with ten or fifteen years on the job could lose his career over one mistake, or bad moment on the job.There is a difference though in covering for an officer who might in the heat of the moment slam someone a little to hard to the ground, or perhaps overreacts to something at the wrong time, and brutally and continuously beating a man the way these officers did Mr. Simone. When another officers steps on the other side of the law, then they lose the discretion an officer who makes an honest mistake deserves.

The officers seen in this video are nothing but thugs in uniform! They have no honor, no integrity, and no respect for the men and women in law enforcement who work hard and condition themselves to properly handle situations like this appropriately.



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