Planned Parenthood: “Women Aren’t The Only People Who Need Abortions”


In 2017 even the gendered language pertaining to abortions is very problematic, apparently.

On Monday, Planned Parenthood tweeted out an Everyday Feminism article pushing for “gender neutral” abortion language.

“Cisgender women aren’t the only people who need abortions,” read the tweet with a link to an article on Everyday Feminism:

Why We Need Gender Neutral Language for Abortion Access

“We aren’t being mindful of each other.”

Do you think only women need access to abortions and reproductive healthcare?

Well yeah, I actually do think that and it’s because I believe in the science of human reproduction. People born with a uterus are women and they are the only gender capable of being impregnated, which is the only requirement for being eligible for an abortion.

That’s the common assumption – and it shows up in so many conversations about reproductive rights.

But the truth is that there are transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people who need abortion access, too – and society’s assumptions about gender are making that really difficult.

Have you noticed how the word “truth” means something entirely different to liberals? The truth is, if someone can give birth to a child, that person is a woman. Just because that person cuts her hair short and wears butch clothing doesn’t mean that she is really a man. To say it is truthful that people other than women need abortions is an easily demonstrable false statement.

Included with this ridiculous article is a video about a woman, who looks like a man dressed up as a woman claiming to be non-gender conforming. She talks about an abortion she had when she was younger and complains that form she filled out only contained he and she gender options. She went into get an abortion and was upset because the medical form assumed she was a woman? That’s actually a pretty good sign that this woman in nuts.

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The woman then goes on to say that some trans people have periods, need abortions, and mammograms. I think what she meant was that women get these kinds of procedures and have these kinds of issues because men sure don’t.

Making this all the more crazy is that both the video and the article imply that maybe men who pretend to be women also need abortions. They don’t come right out and say it (that would be crazy, right?) but it’s the impression they are trying to give. The woman in the video even says that hermaphrodites, people with both sets of genitals, need abortions. Again, science tell us that hermaphrodites have have incomplete reproductive organs and can’t get pregnant.

The whole point of this exercise in the absurd is to open up access to abortions for all people. The only thing keeping some people from having access to abortion is the fact that they are really men and can’t get pregnant. People with female reproductive organs, no matter what they pretend to be, have full access to the elective baby-killing procedure.

h/t: usatwentyfour