Perfect Storm: Islamic Jihad Training in U.S.


Christian Action Network recently tried to test the openness policy of one of the Islamic jihad training centers in in the United States, located in Red House, Charlotte County, Va.

As its video from Fox News shows at bottom, the reception was less than cool. They were told to get out or be arrested—essentially a “no-go zone.”


Jihadist training in strangulation by garroting. (

In the interview, Martin Mawyer of Christian Action Network, talks about the proliferation of these camps throughout the country under the leadership of Pakistani cleric Sheik Gilani (the imam journalist Daniel Pearl planned to interview before being kidnapped and beheaded).

These camps are set up in very rural areas where there are few police, and Mawyer says the FBI won’t do anything because of the First Amendment right to freedom of religion. (However, Islam is more than a religion; it has been a political and military force from the time of Mohammad, which is why CAN has a petition to banish Islam in the U.S.) Mowyer’s book, Twilight in America, details the proliferation of  the training camps.

The video contains a Muslim video encouraging Muslims to join these camps for advance training in Islamic warfare.

We have a perfect storm of lawlessness brewing with Barack Hussein Obama’s assistance.

It’s time to connect the dots.

  • Islamic jihad training camps in rural America
  • criminals among illegal aliens
  • likely Islamic State (ISIS) agents among Syrian refugees
  • early release of prisoners from American penitentiaries
  • blacks’ being set against whites
  • jihadis and drug cartels across the Mexican border
  • left-wing activists’ violent demonstrations
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All these are united in spirit against America, whether they actually communicate with one another or not. In cahoots are our nation’s liberal “intelligensia,” news media and politicians that degrade our values and system of government.

With all these internal enemies, who needs external foes? And we have them too.

Ban Islam And Stop The Muslims!

If you are worried about ISIS striking next in USA, then this leaked report will tell you where:

Posted by Patriot Reporting on Tuesday, April 19, 2016