Pelosi Goes Alinsky! This Woman Is SICK! {Watch}


Now the Trump train and all Republicans on board have done it.  They’ve made House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi go all Alinsky.  On Wednesday, the Wicked Witch of the West Coast and the rest of her flying monkeys met to discuss the “Affordable Care Act,” better known as ObamaCare as it is neither affordable nor caring, and how to salvage the cradle to grave health care law that makes communist socialized medicine look good.

After said meeting, nimrod Nancy came out, stepped up to a podium with Chuckie Schumer – the moonbat leader from the other coast – and delivered this screed that would make any good minion of Saul Alinsky proud:


Where do I begin, to tell the story of how great a love can be?

Oh, wait.  Wrong fantasy.  But seriously, shall we parse this?  (Yes, I took that class in college.)

Obama’s presentation was one of confidence and values….

Confidence surely because someone put together a PowerPoint. Values…too bad the values of these Democrats aren’t shared by more Americans.

“The Affordable Care Act was transformative in terms of what it meant in the lives of the American people.” ~ Nancy Pelosi

Well, Nancy, if you’re referring to millions of Americans having their work hours cut to less than 30 a week so that their employers could still legally avoid providing health insurance, sure.  And then there was the fine to be paid if one didn’t have insurance, which is actually cheaper than the insurance the law now provides.  High taxes on medical devices…death panels…..

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“Health care in our country is a right, not a privilege.”

Uhh…no.  However, when health care was not about the bottom line so much as it was about actual treatment and healing, everyone was cared for via charity through the hospitals and good-hearted physicians.  Hospitals – especially those run by religious orders – used to be true non-profits with indigent floors.  Thanks to the government and some medical organizations, that’s all gone by the wayside.

If there was no other reason to pass the law, it was…cost?

It’s pretty obvious that nimrod Nancy doesn’t actually have to pay for her own health care.  (Psst: Nancy, those bags under your eyes can be checked on most flights.  Some good sleep and upping your blood pressure meds is in order.)

3 goals: lower costs, improve benefits, and to increase access.

Yeah, no matter what the broomless one says, none of those goals were met.  In fact, real world results were complete opposites.  Doctors quit practicing medicine by the hundreds.  Paying the paper pushers trumped paying for anything else, and the result was skyrocketing premiums that even the comfortable and healthy could not afford.

“The Affordable Care Act prolonged the life, extended the solvency of medicare.”

And yet more people got hooked on the dole for services that could be affordable if a pay as you go for services rendered scheme was in place.  This was just a way to get lower income people to surrender.

“All politics is personal.”

No kidding, and some of us are personally a lot worse off for the implementation of ObamaCare.  Just like everything else about the man’s presidency, the signature legislation was, to borrow from the President Elect, a TOTAL next pageDISASTER.  That’s not an opinion.  That’s a fact.  Spinning Alinsky-style at a press conference is not going to change that.

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