Parents Forcing 4 Year Old Child Into a Sex Change!…

Admittedly, the child WANTS to undergo this life changing complex regimen of hormones, major surgery and life long psychiatric treatments. However, think about this; if a child that age is subjected to sexual encounters, the consumption of alcohol or recreational drugs, the parents would have been thrown underneath the jail and the child ripped from them at lightning speed! The hypocrisy is ASTOUNDING!

WND Reports: “Australian officials have confirmed that a 4-year-old child is going through a sex-change procedure despite the warning by the American College of Pediatrics that even treatments, much less surgical intervention, can cause sterility and are based on “unscientific gender ideology” that violate “the long-standing ethical principle of ‘First do no harm.’”

The Telegraph Reports: The Baird (Australian) government has revealed “a number of students” are transitioning their gender in primary schools. The revelation comes as referrals to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead for gender services have tripled, with one doctor saying they had “escalated rapidly” across every state. In another major children’s hospital, 250 children — some as young as three — are being assisted by the gender dysphoria unit. Psychologists recently questioned whether it was too young for a four-year-old to be transitioning gender.

Up to 80 children as young as four years old are now trying to change their gender and transitioning will encourage classmates to do the same, a leading charity claims!

The youngest child involved is just three years of age!

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