Open Arms, Borders, Wallets – More Money For DHS To Destroy US


Johnson Missed The Word HOMELAND in his Job Title At DHS – He’s Central America’s Nanny

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) is wasting his time if he’s trying to get border enforcement out of DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson. He’s only interested in more funding for his department so that they can process more illegals into the American interior.

Senator Johnson asks DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson to acknowledge that the flood of illegal alien kids and young adults crossing the border “is still a huge problem.” It’s a problem that DHS is addressing by awarding a free ride to all comers; not the greatest disincentive ever devised.

Senator Johnson says, “Our public policy ought to be what can we do to stem the flow, not to figure out how we can more efficiently process and disperse, but how do we address the incentives that is incentivizing people to come.”

Of course the quick answer which would be the most effective and which will never come out of Jeh Johnson’s mouth would be to simply turn the illegals back, let them be Mexico’s problem, don’t allow them into the country. Mexico would soon put an end to the flow.

Instead Jeh Johnson offers his feeble excuse-laden drivel, saying “Nobody in DHS, CBP, ICE or HHS is feeling as if a crisis has been averted. Whether it’s 75,000, 68,000 or 39,000, that’s a whole lot of kids, that creates a real problem for us.”

Actually, the non-enforcement of our immigration laws and the social services jackpot that are the policies of DHS and Obama are creating the problem. The kids are merely a symptom of what has been carefully crafted by Jeh Johnson and the other treasonous Obama operatives.

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He whines about all of their resources being overwhelmed but not a single question is asked as to why they are being inducted nor is any legislation offered by Congress to force them to do so. Both sides continue to play the American people for fools as they destroy our sovereignty and sap our fiscal strength.

Johnson goes on to say he anticipates that with the improving weather the numbers will rise, as is typical. None of this should be typical. Typical should be interdiction, border deterrence, arrest and repatriation into Mexico or a bus or plane ticket home. It should never be a residence, social programs, money and a checkup. The incentives that Sen Johnson asked about in the beginning, the awarding of everything they could possibly want by DHS to encourage illegal immigration is never brought up again.

Secretary Johnson exposes the crux of the problem he has created, addressing the futility of stationing border patrol against an influx of children and others who are not seeking to avoid capture. He fails to mention that under current policy, capture is merely transportation to a meet up with a processing agent. If an actual capture with consequences were in the mix, they’d be doing their best to elude authorities and many, if not most, would never make the trip in the first place.

He touts some anemic, inconsequential “efforts” at visibly repatriating an occasional border-crasher, much like the pretend “border security” PR campaign addressing the American public. Reports from their relatives, friends, coyotes and others of the American gravy train reveal the weak DHS lie. It’s having no impact, so from the regime perspective, it’s working perfectly.

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He says, “We have to do more and we are seeking to do more to help those in Central America with their border security,” this from “Open Borders Jihadi Jeh,” “adding training programs and the like, through vetting programs,” anything other than US border security. We have to do more in Central America, which is the heart of the problem.” No Johnson, the Mexican border and DHS are the hearts of the problem.

He describes pushback factors as being too strong to counter, that there’s only so much border security that you can accomplish. With this subversive that amount is near zero. He has no business remaining in his position. We don’t need excuses, we need results. Border Security starts with the departure of Jeh Johnson and with Hussein Obama right on his heels.

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