Off the grid living is what this former military man wants his life to be but the government is trying to get him off his own land. He lives outside Huntsville Alabama , which is primarily in Madison County, and he lives completely off his land. He has no electricity, no running water (other than his rain collecting cistern), and all he wants is to be left alone and to be as free as you can be on his 2 acres of land. However, the city wants to arrest him and his girlfriend, for trespassing on his own land. They condemned his trailer saying that because it is a trailer that it is not allowed inside the city limits, according to their regulations.

Tyler Truitt and his girlfriend live completely off their land and are self sufficient, having everything they need to survive. He built all the things they need including a solar panel for their electricity and a cistern for collecting rain water. The reason the city condemned it is nothing more than the fact that he does not have city utilities hooked up to his trailer. So the Government wants him out because he will not get utilities hooked up at his home and Tyler says he should not have to pay for these things if he does not want them, or does not need them.

This man enlisted and served in the military, as well as fought for the freedoms of this country, and now the Government is telling him he cannot live the way he wants to after he has sacrificed for his country. To me this is just not right and I believe that if a man can live off the land, that he owns and he wants to be left alone, that he should have that right as a citizen of the United States.

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Check out the news video below and let me know what you think and if you feel he is right or if the Government should be allowed to force him to obtain and pay for utilities that he does not need, or want. As always, share this story and leave your comments below.



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