Obama Takes Out UNBELIEVABLE REVENGE Against Teen Who Opposed Him

You’re probably familiar with CJ Pearson by now. The 13-year-old conservative from Georgia who frequently posts video rants ripping Obama a new you-know-what, while sending conservative America into a collective applause across social media.


In his most recent video rant, the outspoken teen tore into Obama over inviting clock boy Ahmed to the white house, asking the president straight up, “if I were a Muslim, would I get invited to the White house too?”  He also gave his thoughts on the whole staged event stating, “He’s used this child as a political prop. This president has used this child to push his radical, leftward agenda. And I think it’s disgusting, and I think many, many people agree.”

Well apparently CJ’s opinion was just too much for our panty-wearing president to take, as the teen discovered that he had been blocked from following Obama on Twitter.


Speaks volumes about our president’s character when he feels the need to silence a 13-year-old child over his opinion. What a twat!

H/T [The American Mirror]





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