Obama Signs Exec Order Limiting US Gun Owners to Three Guns


Obama signing Executive Order 13752 shortly before a round of golf

That is the story being put out by the website “ABCNEWS.COM.CO”, but before you put on your BDU’s and load up the your 4×4 and head off to pick up the rest of your militia squad and go to lay siege to Washington, relax. Oh the story is very well written and it sounds just like something that Obama would do, but the story is completely false. This is not ABC News, it is a spoof site, a very good spoof site but still not real.

The story says that  Obama signed Executive Order 13752 shortly before a round of golf today, January 31, 2016. Then it goes on to tell you that:

“In a move that promises to permanently transform the political landscape in the United States, President Obama has signed Executive Order 13752, an order which will radically change the way the United States regulates all weapons. President Obama claims that his authority to draft this order comes from the second amendment: “If you look at the second amendment, you’ll see that it says that ‘a well-regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state.’ Well, when I see kids getting shot at school and people gunning down their coworkers, I don’t see a well-regulated militia. I don’t see a state that is secure in its freedom. I see a nation in crisis. I see a country in desperate need of reform. If you want to exercise your right to bear arms, that’s fine, but if you want to do that, you should be ready and able to defend your country at a moment’s notice.”

Under the new law, nearly every gun in the U.S. will be required to be registered. There are exceptions for single and double barrel shotguns, single shot and double barrel hunting rifles, black powder guns, and any gun made before 1932. No U.S. citizen will be allowed to have more than three guns registered to them at any time. Possession of an unregistered firearm, expect those exempted from registration, will be a felony that carries a mandatory minimum sentence of ten years in federal prison. States that refuse to enforce the new laws will lose federal highway and Medicaid funding.

While I have no doubt that the President and his advisors would love to issue such an order, even he is not so naive as to believe that he could do so without a million gun owners sitting on his front porch in the morning. No my friends, this is just a joke, so stand-down but stay alert and remember that this man needs to be watched for just such a move every minute of every day until he is gone from our beloved White House and takes his bimbo wife with him.

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If you wish to see the entire story, you can click on the link below.

President Obama Signs Executive Order Limiting US Gun Owners to Three Guns




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