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Obama Revenge

In a move that makes Simon Legree look like Santa Clause, President Obama used his famous Pen and Phone to punish a large percentage of Hispanics for leaving the Democrat Plantation and supporting Donald Trump, proving once again that Democrats support the downtrodden, just as long as you vote for them. With a stoke of his pen on Thursday, with just seven days to go, the lame duck 44th president of the United States stripped Cuban refugees of the one one piece of hope they have had for over two decades.

Obama has screwed all Cubans,” Yadiel Cruz, a Cuban in Panama bitterly told the French news agency, Agence France-Presse, on Thursday after the news of Obama’s action became know to the public. The 33-year-old summed up what many of his fellow countrymen felt as they heard the news in a Catholic shelter in Panama’s capital. The Shelter was set up earlier last year to act as a way-point for those Cubans traveling the overland route to what they hoped would be a new life under the freedom of the United States. Now anger and fear are running high among the Cuban Refugees following the Obama announcement that he had scrapped has scrapped the 1995 policy that had given near-automatic entry to the US to Cubans who set foot on American soil, regardless of their visa status.

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The presidential edict, which takes effect immediately, could result in every Cuban which is not now here legally or is still in process of being legalized as well as any new arrivals being deported back to the Socialist Paradise of Cuba to face possible imprisonment for attempting to defect to the United States. Unless they convince US officials they were afraid of being persecuted or had valid humanitarian reasons to be let in. Obama’s action can only be seen as both a warning and a punishment for the Cuban-Americans of Florida, many of which fled the Democrat Plantation in the last election and supported Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

We feel sadness because we are all coming with a dream that comes from pain, hunger and a lot of work to get this far,” said Lorena Pena, a woman four months pregnant who left Cuba with her husband and four-year-old daughter. Obama, she said, “screwed up, because what he’s done is hurt us—so he really isn’t as good as everyone says.”

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Another Cuban Refugee, Ulises Ferrer, a carpenter from Havana, said: “We don’t know what we’re going to do now. But what we’re certain of is that we’re not going back to Cuba unless we’re dead.”

But luckily for them, even though Obama has scrapped the “Wet foot, Dry foot” policy, If they can provide proof of persecution or harassment by the Cuban government and gain entry into the U.S., a 1966 law, the Cuban Adjustment Act, is still valid and offers them a fast-track to residency and legal employment.

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As one of the refugees put it, “I’m going to wait a few days to watch the news and see what gets decided. Here we will wait for Donald Trump to take over and see if he will help us, ” Wilson said. Where can we go?” asked another Cuban, Julio Hernandez. “We can’t go back, nor go on. It’s like we’re in a stranded boat and don’t know what to do.”

Hopefully, if the Cubans do make it to the United States, they will at least have learned a valuable lesson on American Politics. If your going to be a Democrat, then stay on the plantation and do as your told, because “Da Masser” is not going to hesitate to use the whip if you get out of line.

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